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The Red Barn by Nat Baldwin

The Becoming

The Becoming

The Becoming

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4/24 : Peter Markus is teaching his summer workshop June 25th—Sept 2, contact us if interested.

4/21 : Nat Baldwin's The Red Barn officially drops today. Book launch in Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery.

4/21 : Nat Baldwin interview for Space Gallery.

4/17 : 2 parallel texts by Cam Scott in Sleepingfish.

3/21 : excerpt from Chlorosis by Michael Flatt & Derrick Mund in Sleepingfish.

3/8 : excerpt from A Raft Manifest in Cosmonauts Avenue.

3/6 : excerpt from A Raft Manifest in Territory.

3/2 : The Red Barn makes SPD's top fiction bestsellers + also Vol 1 Brooklyn's book preview.

3/1 : excerpt from A Raft Manifest in Fanzine.

2/25 : 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' is available to download as a pay-what-you-want dbook.

2/16 : A Series of Disappearances by Clancy McGilligan in Sleepingfish.

2/16 : Part of the World celebrates its 10th birthday.

2/8-11: We had a table at AWP this year in DC + on 2/11 there was a reading w/ Nat Baldwin, Julie Reverb, Brandon Hobson, Robert Lopez, J'Lyn Chapman, Stanley Crawford + many others @ Rhizome.

2/6 : Both Tim Horvath and Claire Donato recommended The Red Barn as most anticipated books of 2017.

1/30 : P.S. At Least We Died Trying to Make You in the Backseat of a Taxidermist by Wendy Collin Sorin + Derek White available as free dbook.

1/6 : Portraits of My Family a’> Last Dinner by Annie Fan in Sleepingfish.

1/3/2017 : NO MOON now available as dbook.

12/17/2016 : Lawrence Lenhart on 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' in Essay Daily.

12/15 : excerpt from Brother Book by Allison Crowley in Sleepingfish.

12/10 : The Luminol Reels reviewed in New Delta Review.

12/2 : Beastlife reviewed in Necessary Fiction.

11/11 : (Invention) by Aaron Boothby in Sleepingfish.

11/5 : Beastlife reviewed in Tarpaulin Sky.

10/20 : an afterthought of sorts to Ark Codex appears in the Among Margins anthology.

10/11 : 2 texts by Remy Gates in Sleepingfish.

10/3 : Beastlife reviewed in Something on Paper.

9/21 : A Raft Manifest excerpt in ICHNOS.

9/14 except from A Raft Manifest in Tarpaulin Sky.

9/13 : Mirage by Toti O'Brien in Sleepingfish.

9/10 : Calamari Archive relocates to Georgetown.

9/1 : Beastlife reviewed on Rough Ghosts.

8/29 : excerpt from A Raft Manifest up on Juked.

8/29 : after a few months of roaming nomadic we're back stateside + mongering books direct .. tho we're soon shifting the archive HQ again (within the ununited nonstate (aka DC) of ∀merika) .. help lighten our load by buying omakase style.

8/12 : Beastlife reviewed in minor literature[s].

8/1 : Cheating by Kara Clark in Sleepingfish.

7/30 : No Moon reviewed in Digging through the Fat.

7/30 : Deep Ellum listed by Reader's Digest as 1 of The Best Short Books You'll Ever Read.

7/1 : Vasovagal by Gary Lutz in Sleepingfish.

6/6 : Sleepingfish 0.5 now available as free dbook.

6/5 : sample from Charøgnards by Stéphane Vanderhaeghe in Sleepingfish.

6/1 : pages from A Raft Manifest in Queen's Mob.

5/25 : pages from A Raft Manifest in minor literature[s].

5/20 : pages from A Raft Manifest in Gone Lawn + Entropy.

5/9 : Bodh[i] Circu[it]s / Alg[a]e[bra] D[ra[in] available as free dbook.

5/5 : cut-up from A Raft Manifest in VERSetype.

5/3 : Maris and the Sea by Anna Maria Johnson on Sleepingfish.

4/29 : to release her Beastlife, J'Lyn Chapman read w/ Christina Mengert @ Naropa University.

4/29 : excerpts from A Raft Manifest in theEEL + Miracle Monocle.

4/15 : January by Wade Nacinovich on Sleepingfish.

4/15 : pleased to announce the release of J'Lyn Chapman's Beastlife.

4/1 : Julie Reverb's research notes for NO MOON in Necessary Fiction.

3/30 : NO MOON reviewed in decomP.

3/19 : The History of Luminous Motion on DC's blog.

3/9 : excerpt from People in General by John Colasacco in Sleepingfish.

3/8 : O, Vozque Pulp by Derek White & Carlos M. Luis available as free dbook.

2/12: section VII from Outplace by Lital Khaikin in Sleepingfish.

2/8 : The Luminol Reels reviewed on the NYPL blog.

1/23/2016 : excerpt from NO MOON by Julie Reverb in Sleepingfish.

12/29/2015 : Sleepingfish zer0 (the 1° issue from 10 years ago) now available as free dbook.

12/22 : 3 pieces from IN A HOUSE IN A WOODS by Peter Markus in Sleepingfish.

12/15 : NO MOON reviewed in Atticus Review.

12/13 : dbooks for the out of print dual chapbook: Spiritual Turkey Beggar Baste Mechanism by Sandy Baldwin + Trapezoidal Juggernaut by Derek White

12/3: Calamari Archive turns 12 years old this month. While many of the early chapbooks are out of print, we'll start providing free dbooks, starting w/ Mining in the Black Hills + 23 Text Tiles

12/3 : Pike by Ashton Politanoff in Sleepingfish ∞.

12/1 : The Gotham Grammarian is now available.

11/13-14 : Calamari Archive was at the Letters Festival in Atlanta.

11/3 : Seven Segments by Derick Dupre up on Sleepingfish.

10/9 : 6 texts by Russell Bennetts & Rauan Klassnik up on Sleepingfish.

10/6 : NO MOON reviewed in 3:AM + also Daniel Green's The Reading Experience.

9/13 : new moon tonight + Julie Reverb's NO MOON is launching to it.

9/7 : This Noise Does Not Stop by Nat Baldwin in Sleepingfish.

9/2 : NO MOON reviewed in Heavy Feather.

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The Red Barn
Nat Baldwin

J'Lyn Chapman

The Gotham Grammarian
Gary Lutz

Julie Reverb

Chaulky White

The Luminol Reels
Laura Ellen Joyce

The Blast
David Ohle

The Static Herd
Beth Steidle

Travel Notes (From here—to there)
Stanley Crawford

Deep Ellum
Brandon Hobson

Niceties: Aural Ardor, Pardon Me
Elizabeth Mikesch

The Becoming

Sleepingfish 12

The History of Luminous Motion
Scott Bradfield

{ untitled : under the auspices }
sturnus vulgaris

Ark Codex ±0

Sister Stop Breathing
Chiara Barzini

Gary Lutz

A Mortal Affect
Vincent Standley

Boons & The Camp
David Ohle

Blake Butler

Derek White

David Ohle

Stories in the Worst Way
Gary Lutz

James Lewelling

The Hour Sets

Michael C. Boyko

Vaast Bin: n Ephemerisi

Michael Peters

Part of the World

Robert Lopez


The Revisionist

Miranda Mellis


Poste Restante

Derek White

Good, Brother

Peter Markus

The Night I Dropped Shakespeare On The Cat
John Olson


James Wagner

ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos
by Derek White & Carlos M. Luis

Land of the Snow Men

George Belden (edited by Norman Lock)

The Singing Fish

Peter Markus

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