These are recordings made over a decade ago on a 4-track in the back of a camper, an empty chicken coop and various garages (so please forgive the poor production values) All songs written and performed by Derek White between 1984-89 unless otherwise noted.


From "Starfisheye" (1989):

Boojum Tree > Lyrics | MP3>

The Empty Drawer > Lyrics | MP3>

Rear View Mirror > Lyrics | MP3>

Hollow Fields (with Jake the dog on vocals) > MP3>

Nostalgia > Lyrics | MP3>

From "Whorl" (1989):

Shadow to the Wind > Lyrics | MP3>

Silence Comes and Goes > Lyrics | MP3>

Skin > Lyrics | MP3>

City Flowers > Lyrics | MP3>

Storm > Lyrics | MP3>

From "The Ethereal Aether" (1988):

Stranger to Myself > Lyrics | MP3>

Fossils > Lyrics | MP3>

Beauty to Rage > Lyrics | MP3>

Pain in Your Thumb > Lyrics | MP3>

Isla Mujeres > Lyrics | MP3>

Motionless Roadside > Lyrics | MP3>

Monument > Lyrics | MP3> (with images and design by Faruk Ulay in Locus Novus, Oct 2005) 

Other Works:

Untitled/Unfinished 1 (Dub)(1990) |MP3>

Untitled/Unfinished 2 (Slendro-Dub)(1990) |MP3>

Fishes In Green (1987) |MP3>

Trial and Error (1987) |MP3> 

Black Blood (1987) |MP3>

Under a Cloud (1987) |MP3>

Chairman Mao Had a Cow (1986) |MP3>

Rain Shakes (1986) |MP3>

Sapien (1986) |MP3>

Mosquito Coast (1986) |MP3>

Back to the Mud (1985) |MP3>

Plate of Shrimp (1984) |MP3>

Laugh Track (1984) |MP3>


Other Collaborations:

Blackline Jam (w/Pete-bass, Les-drums and Derek-guitar)(c1986) |MP3>

Naked to the Wolves (w/Pete-bass, Les-drums and Derek-guitar)(c1986) |MP3>


Do You Really Care? by Team Yahtzee (Speedy-vocals, Bob-bass, Paul-guitars and Derek-drums) Take 1 |MP3> Take 2 (thrash) |MP3> 

Sergio's Dilemma (w/two unidentified gothic surfer kids from Los Gatos)(c1986) |MP3>

Pissed off Jam (w/Becky-drums/vocals and Derek-guitar)(c1985) |MP3>

Marine Boy by Unkel Fester (Becky-drums, Maxine-vocals, Kate-bass, Derek-guitar)(c1984) |MP3>

Charlie by Unkel Fester (Becky-drums, Maxine-vocals, Kate-bass, Derek-guitar)(c1984) |MP3>



To obtain copies of the Santa Cruz Sessions on CD or any of the other original cassette releases from which it was compiled, contact me, otherwise enjoy freely.