Joy laid an egg.  To break its shell is a rite: a joyous egg cannot be cracked by rocks or hammers.  Humor and salt, in subtle doses.  Its surface doesn’t always have an ovoid shape.  There are many eggs shaped like squares, pyramids, icicles, or crystalline spheres.  Even polyhedrons. 

The birth of joy in its larval phase.  Filaments, sounds, teeth for the celebration.  There can even be green ligaments, lichens, and muscles set in motion like a watchmaker’s shop.  There are also thunderings and artificial storms, relics and joints that defy goodwill.  Minefields and incubated larvae put the birth at risk.  It’s recommended you don’t make waves until the offspring acquires the consistency of bread or vitriol.  In some cases the egg produces a bird or a field of sunflowers.

-translated from Spanish by Steven J. Stewart

Margarito Cuellar Cuéllar

more translations of Margarito Cuéllar appear in the print version of SleepingFish 0.5