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3rd Bed issue 11
The final issue feauturing contest winners: Anna Lewis, Rachel Beth Glaser, G. C. Waldrep, Hillery Hugg & Adriana Grant. Chapbooks, Excerpts & Novellas by Brian Evenson, Gary Lutz & Tom Davis, Corey Mead, Sam Michel, Kathryn Rantala, Nina Shope, Laura Sims, Heidi Lynn Staples, Steven Stapleton & Jane Unrue.
Forrest Aguirre, William Allen, Kelli Auerbach, Melissa R. Benham, Jedidiah Berry, Kate Hill Cantrill, Kevin Caron & John Cotter, Tim Conley, Patricia Eakins, Joshua Edwards, John Fried, Diana George, Arielle Greenberg, May Hall, José Hernàndez & Luis Buñuel, Kirsten Hilgeford, Joy Katz, Lady Mannequin, W. B. Keckler, László Krasznahorkai (trans. Gabor Komaromy), Bill Kushner, Gary Lutz & Thomas V. Davis, Mitchell Marco, Michael Mejia, Bruna Mori, Jennifer Moss, Marc Phillips, Jonathan Pickering, Pedro Ponce, Daniel Rounds, G. David Schwartz, Sims, Joseph Starr, Peter Tunstall, Deb Olin Unferth, Wendy Walker, Timothy Watt, John Dermot Woods, Tara Wray


3rd Bed 9
Stephany Aulenback, Greg Bachar, Joshua Beckman & Matthew Rohrer, Alex Caamaño, Julie Carr, Darren Chase, Marceline Crawley, Flora Fair, Michael Hayes, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Michael Karman, Lisa Kavchak, D. Sprung Kurilecz DJ Kurilecz, Mark Laliberte, Alexandre Lobanov, Norman Lock, Melinda Markham, Bryson Newhart, John Olson, Yarrow Paisley, Kathryn Rantala, Steve Reed, Evelyn Reilly, Eléna Rivera, David Rossman, Pamela Ryder, Tomaz Salumun, Amy Shearn, Jerrold Shiroma, David Shrigley, Jane Unrue, John Warner, Diane Williams, Scott Bryan Wilson, Grzegorz Wróblewski
Forest Aguirre, Laylah Ali, Louis Aragon; André Breton, & Phillipe Soupault (trans. by James Grinwis); Kaoru Arima, Bridgete Bates, Kenneth James Calhoun,Walter Cummins, Ruth Danon, Danielle Dutton, Margaret Frozena, Bob Harrison, Hiroshi Kan, Daniil Kharms (translated by Matvei Yankelevich), Michael Martone, Corey Mead, Henri d'Mescan & Davis Schneiderman, Kim Parko, Heidi Peppermint, Andrea Read, Elizabeth Robinson, Fish Ryan, Tomaz Salamun (trans. by the author and J. Beckman), Selah Saterstrom, Catherine Scherer, Kan Takahama, Christian TeBordo, Tristan Tzara (trans. by Nick Moudry), Keith Waldrop, Rosemarie Waldrop, Mark Yakich


Steve Gilmartin,Eric Baus, Kira Henehan, Christine Hume, Diane Williams, Andrew Levy, Laylah Ali, Rachel Zucker, Amy Day Wilkinson, Jeffrey Levine, Walter Map, Lisa Pearson, Jeffrey Encke, Matthew Kirby, Laynie Browne, Gary Amdahl, Ryan Murph, Norman Lock, Arielle Greenberg, Anna Joy Springer, Julia Elliott, Michael Burkard, Kathryn Rantala, Keith Driver, Ander Monson, Susan Lander, Nina Shope, Michael Savitz, T. R. Hull
Cover by Chris and Claude Zervas; works by Lara Glenum, Ben Miller, Mark Laliberte, Lucy Ives, Stacey Levine, Marc Palm, Geoff Bouvier, Lisa Jarnot, Steve Potter, Kate Bernheimer, Billy X. O’Brien & Ronald Palmer, Brian Evenson, George Lichtenberg (Translation by Sam Stark), Osip Mandelshtam (Translation by Kevin Kinsella), Greg Bachar, Anthony Hawley, Amina Cain, Laura Sims, Ed Skoog, Thomas V. Davis, James Wagner, Catherine Kasper, David Ohle, Noah E. Gordon, W. B. Keckler, Jeffrey M. Bockman


First color cover, with poetry by Elaine Equi and Ray Gonzalez; fiction by Patricia Eakins and Robert Coover; artwork by Chad McCail. The fist issue with serious national distribution.


Spring/Summer 2001 [sold out] Thanks to Robert Bringhurst the trim size of the journal is refigured, 1: 2, the self-replicating page corresponds to the much feared diminished fifth in Western music nomenclature. The issue features work by Stacey Levine, Jeffrey Encke, Maile Chapman, and translations of Dada and Ultraist poets Guillermo de Torre and Theo van Doesburg, and fourteenth century poets of the "subtle art": Johannes Symonis, Solange and Franciscus.

online in Sleepingfish

Fall/Winter 2000 This issue is worth $15 just for the two really lonely looking Shaker women on the front cover and includes work by Catherine Kasper, Melissa Hotchkiss, Ruth Danon, Diana George, J. Robert Lennon, and a translation of Orkeny Istvan. #3 is also the last issue with drop caps and headers.


Spring/Summer 2000 Featuring Brian Evenson, Hermine Meinhard, Camden Joy, Matthew Derby, the enigmatic A. P. Maddox and I. W. Mallet, and an excerpt from the sixteenth century Chinese novel The Plum in the Golden Vase.


Our modest first issue produced for under $600 features work by Michael Burkard, Diane Wald, Michael Martone, Bill Knott (who’s still mad at us for all of the typos) and translations of Baudelaire, Alkman, and Theokritos. [1999]


(at issue #11)

Editor: Vincent Standley
Senior Fiction Editor: M. T. Anderson
Fiction Editors: Popahna Brandes & Joanna Howard
Poetry Editors: Hermine Meinhard & Andrea Baker
Web & Art Editor: Paul McRandle
Web Design: Kirstin Fenn Chappell
Comix Editor: Thomas V. Davis
Associate Fiction Editor:Bryson Newhart
Editorial Assistant: Gavin Pherson
Intern: Carla Blumencratz
Accounting: Michael Hayes
Typesetting and Layout: Ambivalent Design

Founding Editors: M. T. Anderson, Christopher Kennedy, Vincent Standley, and James Wagner


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the false sun recordings by James Wagner
Motorman by David Ohle

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