Following are clip + samples of Derek White's work in writing, editing, design, photography, production, information architecture, UI, UX, etc... (not listed on his other literary, art, music + video works pg), i.e. "professional" stuff.

book designed for Inside Out
Literary Arts
(children's poems)(2017):

website designed for MDG Centre (2009):

wireframes designed for BMG (2006):

edited for Triumph Learning (2005):

restaurant review written for
Asian Food Journal (2005):

book review written for NY Press (2005):

article written for Belarus Wireless (2004):

photograph taken for Decibel Magazine (2004):

interviewed Gary Lutz for BOMB (2014)

Eblast designed for Crunch Fitness (2013):

website designed for
Millenium Promise
(2008) :

ecard specifications for
Comedy Central

wireframes created + produced
for Scholastic (2009):

homepage redesign for (2008):


assessment material written for Kaplan (2004):

Technical Design Doc written for Sony/BMG Music (2005):

wireframes/spec for Napster (2003):

Editorial Style Guide written, maintained + policed for Napster (2003):

database specification written for Duet (pressplay)(2002):

functional specifications
written for bluematter (2002):



concert review written, photographed
+ produced for Napster (2003):



User Manual written for Samsung/

produced for Napster (2003):

written + designed for Acentre (1999):


More samples provided upon request (cuz a lot of stuff not shown is proprietary or confidential).

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