Calamari Archive

Calamari Archive, ink.'s Info architeXture + d-Zine studIO now offers up its expertease in book + print media publishing, as well as muzac, video + website produckshun. If u dig the look of what's in our catalog, we'll hook u up. Calamari specializes in retro reel-world collage + d-zines (spilt ink, printer failures... typewriters even). We ain't afrayed to git our hands dirty but can also hold our one w/ Adobe CC producks (Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Audition, Premiere, Afer FX) to mimic janky DK + retro old-shcool FX. Or we can give u polish + gloss if that's yr thing... we due no how to spill + use carwreck granmar if we gots to (we published The Gotham Grammarian after all) + we have 10+ yrs experience in information architecture + digital media production (here's samples of that sorta work).

Publishing services offered inkloot everything u need to make a book:

  • consultation/advice (free)
  • editorial/proofing
  • layout + design (w/ InDesign)
  • perty covers
  • ISBNs
  • digital printing (using bookmobile)
  • distribution (using Small Press Distrubtion)
  • dbooks

Promotion, however, we don't do... can't stand that part, that's all u. Just need a cover or ISBN, or everything but __? Pick + choose what u need + don't. We understand every case is u-neek.

1-pagers + ads (print + webbed), manuals, chapbooks, cookbooks, logos, flyers... whatever's fit to print (or not), wheel due that 2. Got sum idea too crazy to putt into words? We've bin there, we'll try to help.

We can also make u a video (see our YouTube channel)... or score a soundtrack to your video or podcast w/ music or ambient noize or whatever (did we mention we're the instrumental ½ of Sound Furies?)... tho, like w/ our visual sensibilities, we typickly like our tunes dark + noisey. Or if you're in a band or need help recording/producing your tunes (we studied sound engineering back in the day). Music services offered include:

  • soundtracks
  • recording (w/ Logic Pro + Audition)
  • mixing + mastering (Audition)
  • album covers, picture discs, J-cards + labels
  • getting your music onto cassette or vinyl
  • getting your music on Bandcamp + SoundCloud (w/ perty profile art) as well as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

+ websites, we can do those too... as well as IA, UI, UX, u name it—wireframes, design docs, technical specs, RFPs, help files, sum programming even... tho we're cowboy coders still stuck in web 1.0, cobbling HTML, down + dirty, nada too flashy.

Se habla español, anche italiano, un peu de français.

Anon I'm us is @ the helm. Contack us w/ info about yr project + wheel see what we can do.