Beauty to Rage | play >

Over the mountains, across the planes

by the cattle skulls, on the way

through the storms and the pouring rain

red rooster weather-vane

over the oaks, over rolling hills

through the wash, together still

and now were swimming in the wet warm sea

floating around with my back in the breeze


and its been a long time

and Ive come a long way

to see you


up on the beach, me feet in the sand

watch the waves slide across the land

now were tired, we want something to eat

put on our shoes and wander through the streets


then we were told the storm was coming from the sea

the sea that gave us what was hers to see

so we got up to look for ourselves

saw the wall of gray and the rising swells

watched her go mad, from beauty to rage

shaking, twisting the edge of the bay

she hurled herself onto the land

as if jealous of the trees beyond the sand


she pulled and threw, she took what she could

leaving stranded crabs and piles of wood

knocking down, throwing around

until she spilt her rage on the high ground


Written and performed by Derek White 1988

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