Sawako Nakayasu Spencer Selby Ric Royer
Kevin White Ruben Torres Llorca Guy Beining
Robert Lopez Daphne Buter Bruce MacDonald
Jim Leftwich Robert Miltner Wendy Collin Sorin
John M. Bennett Geof Huth Michael Basinski
Thurston Moore Steve Dalachinsky Carlos M. Luis
Scott Helmes Jessica Fanzo SS Hampton, Sr.
Lacy Schutz Kenzie Burchell Tim Gaze
Ian Bickford Margarito Cuéllar Nancy Burr
Anthony Tognazzini Steven J. Stewart Peter Markus

your Flight Deck Coordinator is Ñ eyeore

as reviewed in dbqp: visualizing poetics

ISBN # 0-9746053-6-0

44 pages of TEXTures 

on 28 lb. paper with 110 lb. cover stock, saddle-stitched, in color and B&W

[out of print]

read/download dbook (PDF)


or freely enjoy these ...

"Cycle Synopsis (3)" ...  Spencer Selby

"Everything in It's Own Time" ...  Kenzie Burchell

Guy Beining's Lamentable Factors

"Texture of the sound of the wrong band warming up." ... Sawako Nakayasu

"Joypening" ... Margarito Cuéllar

5 Pointz Graffiti: Taking Art to the Streets Outside of P.S.1.

visual delta of time elapsed between SleepingFish 0 and 0.5

"...stand clear of the closing doors."

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