Texts & Art by:

Trevor Dodge
Toshiya Kamei
Thomas O’Connell
Stephen Graham Jones
Rochelle Ratner
Robert Majzels
Rob Walsh
P.F. Potvin
Peter Markus
Norman Lock
Noah Eli Gordon
nick-e melville
Nelly Reifler
Michael Boyko
Malcolm de Chazal
Liesl Jobson
Lance Olsen
K.S. Ernst
Kim Chinquee
Kathryn Rantala
Justin Torres
Julianna Spallholz
Joshua Cohen
Joseph Salvatore
Joseph Musso
Jonathan Dixon
John Olson
Jason Bernard Claxton
James Sanders
Irving Weiss 
Guy Beining
Grace Vajda
Girija Tropp
Edward Kim
Eduardo Recife
Edgar Omar Avilés
Doug Martin
David-Baptiste Chirot
Daryl Scroggins
Danielle Dutton
Dana Kooperman
Cooper Esteban/Renner
Claire Huot
Christian TeBordo
Carolyn Kuebler
Carlos M. Luis
Brian Evenson
Anne Pelletier
Allison Paige
Ali Aktan Aşkın
Alexandra Chasin
Aaron Cohick


8 things you might be curious to know


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about Sleepingfish 0.875:  1. It consists of 160 pages of texts, fictions, art and other unclassifiable fit-to-print oddities. 2. The contributors are over there to the right. Their bios are here. 3. That's the cover by Eduardo Recife to the left (click on it to blow it up and see the back). 

4. The editors are Robert Lopez and Derek White. 5. Find the other links on this page to check out some free samples or webbed features. 6. You can buy Sleepingfish 0.875 straight from us by clicking the buy book button.  7. The word "tongue" appears 10 times in the issue. There are also 3 giraffes. 8. No animals were harmed in the making of Sleepingfish.

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webbed feetures:

5 serialized excerpts from 

Lance Olsen's Anxious Pleasures

online excerpts:

John Olson : Starlings

Kim Chinquee : Hooked to His Combine

Dana Kooperman : get off here

Malcolm de Chazal : 

Selections from Sens-Plastique

P.F. Potvin : The Knot

recent 5˘ense reviews:

Norman Lock reviews Mario Bellatin's Chinese Checkers

images inspired by and for 

Peter Markus' Good, Brother

On Jenny Boully’s [one love affair]* 

"Concrete Poetry" :Giving it back to the Streets of NYC 


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