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* The Blue City by Sean Thomas Dougherty

* Man Moth by Chris Lawson

* short fiction by J'Lyn Chapman

* What the Crow Delivers Debra Diblasi

* The killings by David Alexander McFarland.

# of words: 26,831

# of lies: 2,343

# of sheep: 20

# of crows: 22

# of mouths: 52

# of images: 32

# of translations: 3

# of Argentines: 3

# of Denverites: 6

# of fictitious cities: 15 (including this one)

# of fictitious towns and villages: 17

# of times this piece was rejected by other lit mags: 100.

5/20/07 : Launch Party and reading at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn. Terese Svoboda, Daniel Borzutzky, Forrest Roth and Andrew Richmond read. A slideshow from the event is here.

5/26/07 : Simul Launch/ Reading in Denver at a vintage furniture store called Fancy Tiger. Joshua Marie Wilkinson, duncan barlow, Erik Anderson, Noah Eli Gordon, J'Lyn Chapman and Sarah Veglahn read at the event. Thanks to duncan barlow for organizing the event.


cover image by Irana Douer

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Sleepingfish wall project

Blake Butler
Matthew Simmons
Minju Pak
Girija Tropp
Deb Olin Unferth
Amira Hanafi
Annie Clarkson
Salvatore Difalco
Terese Svoboda
Noah Eli Gordon &
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Jesse Reno
Pedro Ponce
J. Asher Lynch
Tim Horvath
Andrew Richmond
Jackson Taylor
Rogelio Ramos Signes 
Toshiya Kamei
Julia Otxoa
Chris Lawson
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Rob Walsh
Samuel Ligon
Eva Talmadge
Joris Vanpoucke
Oliver Rohe 
 Laird Hunt
James Wagner
Peter Conners
Kevin Sampsell
Ron Klassnik
Jason Porter
Robert Darry
Labrini Yassine
Cal Freeman
Rosana Fernandez
Sara Veglahn
J’Lyn Chapman
Erik Anderson
David Alexander McFarland
Peter Markus
Adam Golaski
Forrest Roth
Debra Di Blasi
duncan barlow
Daniel Borzutzky
Elizabeth Albert
Gary Lutz


˘ Interview with Noy Holland

˘ Part of Part of the World

˘ Interview with Gary Lutz

˘ Images from The Revisionist

˘ Morocco Field Report

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