Sleepingfish infinite

2 by Chaley Chastitellez



yr migra blew up América

for maestro Baraka

0:13the old debajo—
0:20somebody love & of thinking
0:24the hermanita is both domestically & internationally one . . . 
0:29used to cover the mierda of her masters—
0:32dole . . . dome . . . dome . . . dome . . . drone . . . O . . . done . . .
0:36the old somebody a—
0:40they sey—is some . . . terrorist’s liability & retina—
0:44gets a head—it wuz in Maricopa County—claro
0:48yes—uh that checks Latinos—how illegal are you you not me?
0:52partner Sunday—tho it wuzn’t sure a lot of . . .
0:56or—presidente—do w/ virtually any partial
0:59mexicharms—yells did the—
1:02it wuzn’t gonna be in the house to the White Sea diseases—that were—
1:07let people terrorized residents anything—
1:10most humanity vomit as they please for
1:14they sey they sd we want walls we want walls—
1:17who do the same—who is this poll—
1:21who’s telling lies w/ the skies that no borders . . .
1:25thoughts out the world’s who got that plantations—that privatized prison—
1:29incarcecide in Ameríca—sideways levels
1:32who all 28—
1:35who cd show that’s all narco bullet shells—
1:39got this far—got sd this week—that matches & fires—
1:43who kill sey they’ve got it—still little
1:47cd be useful—who wuz the nameless brownface
1:51who Jesús is available—who created every day
1:55partner school grades—sey you only have a good look at it—
2:01who define a lot of fun—science to me—bombs away—the guns
2:05Google slaves—souls who call you—if they miss
2:10who sey they always been seying all—
2:14whose solo tengo—who sold me—
2:17met this hemisphere every days or so we only northward gazed—
2:23who all the buildings got the money—thank you—
2:26money . . . lots . . .  you up wallpapers all—
2:29slave ship southward—well known army—little
2:32nameless ones—who is the friend—who rules—
2:37who were all older moms . . . wuz a lot you got me
2:43peace we think—the wall—more walls—
2:46altho no toilets—& we want yr oil—let me do it—
2:53who owns sales—who are on the air—along the walls
2:58or rather the migra brown murderers—late last year—old—
3:02will call you—who live in the biggest howls
3:06who do the biggest line—who go on vacation anytime hun—
3:13don’t kill mostly—it’s who kill all browns look a little—since borders bind
3:17ok—you’re the most far-reaching—cables happen
3:21& los Latinos
3:25who all levels below the borders—
3:28television or radio
3:32 even know me all hola Jose
3:36& behold so they’re also cities make the laws—
3:40all who may wish to visit—who believe the confederate flag . . .
3:44ay baby—borderline concerned abt democracy . . . & even I—no!—in recent
3:51memory sey you decide—didn’t lose it . . .
3:56who did—everybody else got richer while the engine is ideal . . .
4:01previous to this wd change the bottle . . .
4:05wd you like most people—will do most people—who know what abt survival
4:10led the colonies solos to rule the world—
4:14who sey only evil biggest sex education—a whole who all . . .
4:20who all . . . who told you what you think—that you later like that . . .
4:23I’ll bit—late—maybe sales—
4:27okay—CIA who follows—altho
4:30who always learn hot Mexical choices all the—
4:33as a whole—who know—outside Arizona—visibility is low—
4:39does it all . . .
4:41need fossil fuels—something going away—who make tutorials
4:45get the biggest sales—hot weather—
4:48conference against racism—who killed our neighbor—
4:53who kill our neighbor—such a thing—are they going to the elderly
4:57it will be it to make money painting velvet
5:02polls close in Tijuana
5:05al pastor tacos & carnitas of chins—same ones—& kill—
5:08ruled out yeah 
5:11let me know—the one that’s always—
5:15laying they shd love Amurka—well that is all—
5:19don’t like Geronimo—
5:23side put me on hold—already natural habitat of a sudden—who kill you—mean I
5:29sd hey my case made . . .
5:32also what theme wuz it once tribalism
5:39press it who put in place . . .
5:42closely it’s a who wuz in Mexico . . .  is it will
5:46do it—who sent a letter also gave me a little soft sole
5:51ajua!—wuz a lot simpler—lead metal into the rose is a rose
5:55all the people are nice—torture assassinated managed—
5:59the official abt you really—yeah—
6:02satellite Califas Arizona New Mexico Texas sd
6:07who got the most sensible—when the—
6:10it’s who the jurors in invisible cases—
6:15go to jail if he hears—remain inside immigrant wars— all
6:21who got shd roll back into power—who got but she’s
6:24that payload shithole—
6:29who decided so that’s it goals reconstruction the New Deal
6:34year great societal—
6:37who does our deporter-in-chief with 2,000,000 holes in his legacy—&
6:42well . . .
6:43cool the gusano—who know what got us—deported—
6:48on the lease—the visa card—
6:54calmly new w/ botas picudas
6:58also scenario it polo—
7:02pressure who wuz it wuz it he chatted with the boys in jail—
7:06seying that when that narco met me let me know—when do I start? —it is where all
7:11the elite hollywood edits—
7:13who sd that much—that all who need to chase it—wuz only a little
7:18whose house is really white—as it went our stay—brown adobe home that day—
7:22why did you all stay away—quotas rule—
7:26explosion allow newspapers sey the devil’s face to the CEO
7:33to make money—whole—the who—might go
7:36for sale who want the world like it’s—
7:40who wants a little like it—
7:43national so hot that
7:47bullets—who’s most powerful—
7:51well you know the seying—that but anybody seen the devil . . .
7:55like analysis . . . believing in yr life 
7:58like an owl—tho the devil—altho I love—all day—
8:02like that—all the schooling & fire—
8:05we have questions—we’ll play it like there wuz nothing crazy—
8:10laugh our nalgas off a little while walls that whole us—


work denizen work

0:10peacefully shd X insists that democrats who comes here
0:14becomes at american—& assimilate to us—listen mijos—
0:17shall be treated on an exactly—equality w/ everyone else—mocosos—
0:21it is abt rage to discriminate against any such bad—bc of gridlocked
0:26birthplace or . . .
1:41do you use my dear?
1:44yr huddled masses yearning to breathe brief?
1:48the wretched refuse of yr team? sure! sending homeless tempest tossed to us—
1:54i left my lands besides for the golden door—
2:05as president—
2:06almost all major—
2:08filmmakers . . .
2:11no idea where to start tomorrow—
2:13sucked it up!—tomorrow—
2:17our crew set up a spring to document typical mojado season—
2:21hazard journey took us across the united states we noticed a connection between
2:25american agriculture & immigration—
2:28is the immigration system in america flawed—
2:53here anyway there’s a lot—
2:57the veto it—
2:59yes . . .
3:00people who are
3:10trading produced the—for—
3:14unanimous national—
3:23like this—
3:27abt my lawyer—& heard abt that . . .
3:30tonight . . .
3:34well above mix
3:37anecdotal reviewers—
3:40significantly . . .
3:45they say that w/ regard to this
3:47w/ regards
3:49but I think that the government does
3:52the top of the governments
4:00abt fifteen years—
4:06soldiers have . . .
4:07story at the other server issues in the
4:15& our task is to . . .
4:17an hour or so terial insists research
4:23& aspects of history—
4:26better—& I think that is better than asylum & immigration control of the
4:30statue of liberty—
4:32docs . . .
4:32if you ever get to see this—
4:35you thought—
4:36documentary . . .
4:37please come to work
4:38in the field u—
4:40you back abt the working on the bill—of do have a more from—the state—
4:45muzak abt seeing all of that we don’t—pay taxes—come over & investigate the
4:49big corporations—
4:51depending upon my graphic
5:14 states any difference in borderless regions . . .
5:17i think anybody associate w/ the agriculture defense business
5:21you know a former shipper—
5:24we appreciate them—
5:26& I don’t think it’s any different Sonora or Arizona
5:29in order to get it & anything else that they grow
5:35you’ve got appreciate them
5:36you’ve got depreciated—
5:38i mean you take uh . . .
5:40juan q public who has known
5:44relationship w/ any amid all—maybe he’s got a bad feeling towards . . . maybe
5:48feels Mexies are taking his jobs—
5:50but I don’t think any americans want to do two jobs at this point in history—
5:53time that they’re doing
5:55promises accuracy—
5:57resumed last time—
5:58years passes the lord’s the revoked her admission united states are—
6:05comes to the following—
6:09family for—
6:14w/o raising them . . .
6:17groups of development . . .
6:18yr loss
6:22leaves a plan . . .
6:24& valley taxes swell
6:27thirty percent—only people harvesting crops
6:30different at the state level—
6:32at all—
6:33of one of four years have over five hours—
6:36persons w/ federal level
6:37it may come in our order hielo on this property have different
6:44theirs must be incorporated then—
6:46in the shift—partners?—worse on the major—
6:49that during the season—
6:51you know we don’t get into that—
6:53nobody else does & we don’t even—
6:55as tho . . .
6:56work out there for you so much of status
6:59if you do—you’re working w/ her & we don’t question college—
7:04i think some of the census bureau pots—
7:07i mean you’ve got the best job in the world—
7:11they get out & see what these people are doing . . .
7:14working fourteen fifteen hour days & I feel
7:16so . . . .talking abt this—other forms of—gives after
7:20yet we have a foreign body therefore round them up in prisons & let me buy them—
7:25one of the gross we’re actually grows out of
7:29fashion designer—is that we didn’t cross—
7:32boast but thru the student when you have bodies we drove out—
7:37crop actually management for later be blessed later—
7:43yes it’s always nice sets the rules you’ll—
7:47asserts—long-term the lessons are people we’ve been—
7:51or from mister—
7:53marshes cross—
7:56somewhere in some really good—
7:59do we know is little resume—
8:04that makes for & . . .
8:07the digital background . . .
8:09telephone before we do . . .
8:11no back & I can
8:17actually—was in the fall of ninetyseven—
8:19uh... we lost most of our proper cooperative note
8:24bata shoe—
8:25Guero to give us with his version—
8:28builders before—
8:29& squashed—
8:30we cd not be able to cope w/ inherited my reply groups to come
8:38best-loved or to soak at that time—eleven thousand troops—so it’s
8:42what wd you don’t worry—you—
8:44at five oh newspaper—
8:47up for any domestic worker—
8:50will experience you people—
8:52to show for the jobs—
8:55bulk marlboros—
8:59have some out of work to show up—
9:01was four is up—
9:02the message—
9:04Yoo Ess citizens
9:06parables seven hundred employees reading
9:08breach contract—
9:10but we might have
9:14tickets twenty to twenty-five domestic water supply for the job—
9:18acted as stage w/ itself
9:20i mean my heart goes out these people whom
9:23put their money—put a label
9:26put up their houses—borrow money—glut layman property—
9:29the more destructive—a hundred years an unseemly . . . & if mother nature
9:33is an underside you’re in trouble—
9:35i’m looking around here & looks like it’s been brown out here
9:39uh... you wd have the only the only domestic workers—en serio—
9:46 meeting you in yr two thousand four committees—
9:50everybody else’s office brown downtown—
9:52there were stolen—
9:54employers cannot be delivered—
9:56you know do this—
10:02for congress in the—
10:06resorts feared more if you do it was a so I’d ask questions—
10:10renumbered if reformers I’ve asked you before but—
10:13& ask you one more time—
10:17or shd be without all these larger workers the browns—
10:21abruptly the have we have a camera monitor what he did—
10:24from our deliverables of the mails—
10:26 make a lot of the situation uh... the the the serum is a personal . . .
10:30for years if if it was not from art lovers again I wd not be in the
10:34police—if it was not from our co-workers
10:38you ask yr question earlier abt—
10:41we never see the tobacco—cd not freedom sales if we do all missile—
10:46was which is part of yr first here’s losses—
11:08music used to play
11:10arose hopes bc everybody understood
11:21these people that
11:23rendering of a duplicate copies to all over the national insistence
11:28another enemies—
11:29seas of the people must therefore fault—brownly
11:31sitting here with the plan—brown as day—
11:34this is a person here today wd be
11:37brooms they were given the freedom from best selector differences were
11:41unscientific dimension—browns—
11:43it’s all abt false people at the university—
11:47since they left—
11:5 greatest someone for . . .
11:53X since then . . .
11:55signal system greatest roses—
11:58figure into the public—
11:59of the latest—
12:00delaware valley california—
12:08mentors businesses forsyth—
12:12yes she is with the melham—actually there are two things brought down
12:16list for this—
12:18workers patrol officers—
12:20the wonderful thing down—
12:25ripple effect—
12:27financing adam—& debting eve—
12:29offers helps the migrants on . . . on inside removal & replacement market fared
12:35there’s more border patrol in military calls for especially close to walls—
12:42to the released overseas where—walls float—
12:46wasn’t he going to be list mexico america online has everybody an american—
12:53wants investment one letter to the time I can imagine service industry related—
12:59bc the strategy is still have to right have that service industry—
13:05the receiving problem we have right now—
13:08back these important module—
13:10& we’re very dependent on imported oil—
13:13if we ever get to avoid every time he sez it’s on the other countries for
13:18wherein itself—
13:20that that cd be a dangerous situation—hemispheric pacific—
13:23it’s too small independent form—
13:26& we’re going to be corporations big conglomerates—
13:30few people control—
13:32the thru the process—
13:34no longer have the . . .
13:39from corner store . . .
13:41static come from someplace to give—
14:07commonplace start w/
14:09one seventeen
14:11uh... noises everywhere
14:14of the hundred & seventeen were down twenty seven two—
14:18brought home the rates if there’d been—
14:22the forms in this—
14:24toda toda toda
14:25recently that’s taken away the health—
14:30for our
14:32personal operation—we’ve had to deal w/ three this year—
14:35of neighboring farms are just constantly admonitions all the time—
14:40every part no one has gotten away w/ anything—
14:46we were promised that the agricultural people
14:49wd be—laughed at? . . .
14:51altho then it targeted individual—it is done it is drone—something serious
14:56system resources price of us—
14:59everyone’s reluctantly—
15:01by abt five minutes—
15:02droned by shortly—
15:05story had—
15:09regards like work it out here—
15:18refute that but thank you—
15:21leave treated unfairly—
15:27people told me too well—
15:29the reason why these people are doing these jobs bc they were not being . . .
15:35favorite well—
15:38in new york were paid six seventy five number-one—
15:41but the majority of our people are making nine sixteen & our that’s base
15:46if they do do piece rate they have to exceed the nine sixteen they always do
16:06has major one—
16:08you’ll lies the majority of the season—
16:11& it’s shut down right now because of no
16:16suppressed or they may come here—
16:18figured out—
16:19it’s aiming for a period of time find out the army—
16:24status for . . .
16:29they are evacuated again snapper—
16:32pages double my mystery or a navy pension center—
16:36religion places—
16:37they’ve never bring them back—
16:39sisters issue was—
16:42men rights & treating people—
16:51reproduced in this country—
16:54cheapest food supply in the world—
16:58no other country produces food cheaper—
17:00the united states—
17:02hand that’s you know that’s why—
17:05word that the uh... the rosary or the rest of the world—
17:08for the rest of the country that—
17:11isn’t growing food—
17:13can do a lot of things & pursue other ambitions—
17:17was folks like you are in . . .
17:19produce the food for a hundred twenty eight people—
17:23no other nation in the world comes close to that it’s the safest cheapest
17:27food supply in the world—
17:30there ought to be admiration &
17:32there . . .
17:38please . . .
17:40holdings . . .
17:42in the room in there—



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