Object markers; or, My death, an irratiocination




          It will soon be our expression that profound darkness, fall of matter from the sky, lights in the sky, and earthquakes are phenomena of the near approach of other worlds to this world1 Charles Fort said, he spoke

          OM1-1 OM1-2 OM1-3 and in the dark it changes, it charges the dark–her arms? Beset upon a lozenge sable bezanty–whereas in lights it’s blazing or upon or, in violating the Rule–its other side of a color–spotted with sanguine stain, upon a pale and on the honor point the field–gules guzy, I’m in the car comingback through the dark I am getting woozy
          In superposition, in the headlamps in halation: a possum, an opossum upon an other opossum. In oncoming, her deathshead’s downywhite in a glory, in her eyes an iridescent acre of way. She surmounts that, lapping up ribbons of a sordid color, shattered ribscarlet grosgrains of gore

We can be coming that way, in the car

          by burning leaves, that stutter over swards of ryegrass big bluestem red fescue, catch and smoke in inward gulches. Out beyond the leveled fields, through copse of holm oak, ironwood, hedgeapple, quaking aspens the whitish arcs of light, actinic sparkings–an industrial park, afterhours, but it’s nightly irrupted by galvanic light, it’s confounding the nyctinastic action in the latefall aster flowers I guess we can be coming that way

          o possum
          o clock
          your dots suck
          your clot


          He is an inspector, it’s apparent from his undersuit, also his masks unfit–

          41.24783930687325, -82.43720425730847

          They find my body in bonds upon the lip of a little blue cattlepond in Wakeman, it had been abandoned within the blonde bonecolor circlet of phragmites that ring that water around. The common reed, they bow in the wind, with the ears a stormy shale bluegreen, flecked with white foam, tinged with vermilion. The field is bound by U.S. 20, by the L.S.M.S. railbed kept from the Inland Trail, by S.R. 59 or Townline–where they meet, and the Chappel Creek crosses–and by the Fitchville River Road. A hank of her finebrown hair is found wound into the lining of a yellowthroat’s nest, the which is suspended over shallows on a mooring of reeds–and within a yard of my left ear. So they call her in for questioning my head crowned by black swallowwort with its lanceshape leaves, elsewhere it climbs a fence and aboveground gaslines by the roadsedge.
          The blood has settled in my lips, pale unclear through a screen of petrolatum–it’s congealed or clouded by the cold. On October 8th, a Norfolk Southern freight derailed in passing over Columbus Avenue, washing the bridge, road, and embankments in white paraffin wax and I died with seven shallow stabbing wounds withinto my abdomen. Besides the contents of my stomach–wide purplewhite trumpets of Datura stramonium, accounting for my limbs were just tied with five-ply jute–I had been carried or dragged down from the Chappel cross, high from rains. Whistle noises of water, its cant or canter when it churns in torrent anent new rapids of shale in shallows in riffles if she had done it then she could have come from the Lake, anywhere between there and where from fountainveins the creek arises, in fens behind a construction company. The barns and outbuildings been framed with white being otherwise a reddy russet bloodcolor, like
          Although there isn’t any double eye–or I thought they said, but that is Identifying Information upon my person–insofar as a person is a body, which there is still among the reeds–and, although torched both my feet to charcoal from the midcalf down, nevertheless whoever did nothing to my hands, my fingers, my fingerprints, or my teeth. Besides where the blood stilled in its circuit of my gums, besides also–did not for instance open the book of my body, panting endpaper lungs liver intestines tonsils tongue and its thready waterworks ruddy freckled with muds–that after forensic examination, they found through the careful application of tonguedepressors a green clot of cladophora.
          It was wound in knots, sprung from and clung to zebra musselshells. These were anchored by their byssus through between and to my teeth. The body had not been in the water long–had not at all–but the mouth and nose? Wired open perhaps, and submerged, there were signs of that. Further questions: an implant of mine. Tapered titanium screw, of that the crown of Human Tooth No. 5–that is the first bicuspid, it had been affixed to the abutment by an as far as I know speculative bonecement, composed with cupronickel nanoparticles, the effect of which–the effect with which we are further concerned, I mean–was: that the mussels could not anchor thereto. That is, my teeth in brown escalopes barry benthygreen or–platy vert, I mean marram grassclear glasscolor–they were filmed and filamented allover, except there that brightwhite and argent spot Otherwise, my disgusted gums my grimn disgorged that

          Acts in opposition to the two adductor muscles2

          There is a key, a card–which has nothing to do with me–found, by the way. That is, it fell from whomever into the flume of unclean creek.

          Room 120
          Sprucewood Inn
          912 Lorain Boulevard

          Never open the door

          An oil change, and you got he says to replace the fluid in the tranny Who, me or I would have said, he has that black curlilock little dirtlip Cute I think her herls stood up.

          Black bay frame overo, of white within black overall, the footsquare of white with curved corners, 1.5R, black 21 within, D-10 H8, Maintenance.

          American Antiquarian, 18-60: copper ax from an Ohio mound, 22 inches long; with the weight at 38 pounds.3

          I was going door to door, asking permission to take pictures of people’s skeletons. A white sedan, with an oxblood brown dent deep in the hind quarterpanel, on the passengerside, CAUTION: HORSES Have you seen them Some young lady with messy hair, her mask on even outside. Chasing vultures Stopped by the side of the road, where’s the cemetery in Kipton or north of there I thought she was a graverubber–but the guardrail The Object Marker on the endpost It’s that yolk yellow, eroded away, the borders of or boundaries a failed future or fugue state. It has about it shoulders, a cervical space, a collar and an oblique slope, a jagged collis, it comes to a point East by northeast Asking to go down to the creek, she was asking for our permission. That is, to go down to the creek To take pictures or I don’t know, pick flowers.

          Kay L. saw it light yellowwhite in Indiana Holly C. she saw light blue white from upright to down left Schaumburg yes brightwhite flash at the end then Addison S. no white to downright in Hudsonville one second and a half Michael L. at Avoca This one was a very short but spectacular fireball heading down the full moon almost straight up it still was verybright and almost had the properties of a sparkler Very pretty one one second Orange around the edges Flickering white center Bright flash of white light then nothing immediately after except Natalie U. Jackson Michigan where the Second time I've seen one in the same spot three weeks ago seen the first one Orange yellow lightyellow red white yes streak across the sky Zebulon W another object much smaller ordinary sorr sic of shooting star meteor observed four minutes later in the sky more or less due west I guess Wakeman oh lightblue orange white train yes Of bluewhite light like burning with some sense of separation from the falling object Event 8344-2022 at 0034 or so 0533 in universal time Tuesday the 8th Tuesday of November4

          Well, with the mask on it looked like it was a tall girl I guess that's one of those gender ideologists One of what You know, an emotional socialist I don't know if I do Anyway he wanted to take pictures of my pumpkins and–They wanted What They them Who, it was only–oh, you've got blood down there on your You're bleeding–Oh, that I think you’d better leave Ok I think you’d better just get off our property now Ok, thank you for your time I mean it now

          In Notes, in a note found within my phone:

                    th escalopes opalesce
                    spring comes the crocus occurs

                    with threadlike red tongues
                    light living blood
                    scorched roses

                    the clear water around us with
                    the clear water around us

                    have you seen them

          Oh, six and seven were false also–the cuspid, and the right side incisor, then: as on the Báthory arms, three wolfteeth white within a band–not to say a bend–of maxillar bone. As had been my own mouth, my other teeth the fawn color of steeped teas, these too–they were all overcome with lacustrine greenblack, a silty a scintillant lacquer of fine fingernail mussels and fines of murk, and they did find musselsshells under my nails.
I now think this information should be on record.5

          2022-11-08 00.39.55.mov Okay the first one I saw fallingdown my visual field an inch two inches I don’t know if that means anything degrees of arc It was an object that had a trail and was falling and was visible it feltclose On that road that comes out Been a bypass in Wakeman a field that was recently mowed there and then trees The trail felt like a trail A firework falling A meteor might closer up Bluewhite towards white and the object itself Orange or or red but you know Before the Maintenance Marker 21 If there is a Marker 22 but between Markers 22 and 21 on U.S. 20 driving duewest White bluewhite but white small the way that shooting stars always lower in the sky A point but no interruption between object and tail A line viewed over time and fading Again falling downward this time canted I can’t remember But again mostly Mostly just falling

          another note:

                    whereas running lights
                    I'm in the car comingback
                    along the long black ground
                    trans its trans
                    its or trans
                    ist or trans
                    port ships
                    I'm pulling in hir hames and traces
                    tractor beams
                    an arm or
                    an armor around me
                    hand and vambrace hir
                    vapor head
                    lamps in
                    pulling hard on the rains drivingdown
                    through thirteen degrees
                    of vacuum gasses
                    my hoofbeating hart its thrown me staghorn my buck back and forth with th eyes
                    white bluelight green mooncolor doors asterflowers or bright florets dogs dear
                    mules mourning doves
                    flooding the field of
                    the forest
                    when Dark wings carry off the sky

          Project Grudge 5D 24-21F

          YYYY: 1949
          MM: 03
          DD: 07
          DOCUMENT TYPE: R
          City: Vermilion
          STATE: OH
          COUNTRY: USA
          ROLL #: 88
          FRAME, FIRST: 959
          FRAME, LAST: 962
          FRAME, OTHER:

          Object suddenly appeared head on and appeared to be7 5D 24-21F George E. Swinford at D.O. #5, Wright-Patterson A.F.B., Dayton, O. none this is an initial report The investigation is predicated upon information received from Mr. I. P. Hillyard That he had seen an unknown object approximately four miles west of Vermilion, Ohio Hillyard tried to sight object after passing said object but failed to sight this object again8 I had an unusual incident occur Over the lakeshore An object was observed I pulled up into a steep right turn and completed a turn to the right To observe the object I decided the object may have climbed into the clouds9

          The foregoing is not the result of a vivid imagination10

          The fate of all explanation is to close one door only to have another fly wide open. I should say that my own notions upon this subject will be considered irrational Or the black rain of Canada, November 9th, 1819. This time it is orthodoxy to attribute the black precipitate to smoke of forest fires south of the Ohio River–11
          Zurcher, Meteors, page 238: that this black rain was accompanied by Shocks like those of an earthquake12
          Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, 2-381: that the earthquake had occurred at the climax of intense darkness and the fall of black rain The profound darkness Its concomitants: lights in the sky fall of a black substance shocks like those of an earthquake13 For all I know soot from a very great fire south of the Ohio might fall By some freak of reflection light from it might14

          Fatmucket Flutedshell Fragile the Cylindrical papershell Pink the Creek heelsplitter Round pigtoe the Kidneysh Elktoe Lilliput Rainbow Spike Paper pondshell Pocketbook Giant floater Whiteheel shell Creepers Slippers hell of the last Wavyray lampmussels

          The sea lamprey

          of Teeth called real teeth–then there are false teeth Nothing indicates anything in a positive sense because in a positive sense there is nothing to be indicated Everything that is called true must merge away indistinguishably into something called false. Both are expression of the same underlying quasiness, and are continuous15

          with an underlying queasiness, now I am woozy, am gutty of gold of water of tears of blood of tar of Tars and Bruises and Wounds springsforth the fountain roundel barry wavy, in benths at the end at the bottom of the boat I’m

          in the sharp haw
          thorn the dark

          with the clear water around us–



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Zebulon House (or Horse) is a white settler librarian, born on unceded land of the Pennacook. They live and work in the state of Ohio, where many peoples live–and lived, were made to live, to leave–of whom Fort refused to conceive. They drive by the phragmites most every day, but you can find them online at zebulon-hourse.xyz.

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