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[printed compilation of literary text objects]
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>>> online excerpts & extras : : LINEAR NARRATIVE SEQUENCE
[using 1 extracted sentence from each author in the order they appear in issue 8] >>

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[Stephen Hastings-King]
I haven’t traveled much further than my office since I started writing a text about Zeno that will not end.
[Ryan Call]


While these classifications allow an informed and capable individual to engage in the identification of, escape from, and peaceful coexistence with the deceased farmer and his emotional whims, the North American public should understand that tornadoes, and the deceased farmers within them, have been known to engage in other, sometimes erratic behaviors, such as soil redistribution, incessant cattle driving, and the violent dispersal of illegal aliens.
[Anna DeForest]
You sequence the numbers wrong, you mix the ones and sevens, or you say—not even numbers—you say letters, you spell things, make words to assemble, but no one assembles the words you are making, and no one is listening, and no one even asked?
[Sasha Fletcher]
—Yes. Or. There was a waterfall and how it fell was through the kitchen
[Nina Shope]
the living rooms inhibit movement, encourage the inhabitants to dwell, to lodge, to bide.
[Rachel May]
And when I saw him, in my little white gown that was opened in the back, he looked at my dots, and touched them with his fingers—not even with gloves on like the other woman had, when she burned me and looked disgusted by my dots—and he said, “Yup, these are dots all right.”            ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
[David McLendon]
It tangled our breath from inside the air and we could smell what remained of our bodies.
[Eugene Lim]
Gradually our nerves disentangle and we sit in the middle of empty rooms.
[The Brothers Goat]
Soon, the study door opened, and the father emerged, dressed in women’s clothing.
[Lito Elio Porto]
Rather, becoming one another, they sifted through the earthen soil, penetrating the mantle, seeking the heat of the inner core, and retaining only themselves or perhaps something less (an unmistakable form of nudity).
[Adam Weinstein]
In order to avoid this catastrophe, plaster the area around the nail with a thick mash of magazine gluten.
[Diane Williams]
Oh, Mr. Oh found his way back up to good effect while Mimi supported the shop’s potted, toppled plant.
[Dennis Cooper]
Sandy: ‘Hit him on the head with the anchor, Dad.’
[Elliott Stevens]
Says he masturbates into his socks and is sorry for the launderer.
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[Tim Jones-Yelvington]
I do not smell the second’s because it puddled on my lower back, and I am not that flexible… yet.
[Alec Niedenthal]
The father fixed the plunger to the bowl and moaned a little.
[Amelia Gray]
She took them on a tour of their home and showed them the toilet he used and the ironing board and the grill.
[Matt Bell]
There is only me and my brothers, only this one woman between us, captured alone long after we thought the pilgrims and refugees would come this way no more.

[Eduardo Recife]

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recife collage book strip                      .∞
[David Ohle]
As every shepherd down the ages has learned, if you fuck them too much, the hair gets a stink.
[Evelyn Hampton]
I tried to think about the ribboned girl and work from her toward an explanation that would include us in a plan to remember why we were.
[Émilie Notéris]
This name comes from Condylura cristata, a small North American mole with a tentacular snout endowed with a multitude of electromagnetic senso-sensors.
[Ottessa Moshfegh]
So it went on like that for a few more days—stretches of blanketed half-awareness marked with short ecstasies of correctly-placed guesses of where she and I might have things in common.
[Cooper Renner]
If such rumours existed, they were not recorded—at least not in any materials subsequently published or catalogued—but this circumstance may not be as discouraging as it seems.
[Christine Schutt]
He did the hitching trick with his throat to clear it more vehemently.
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[M. T. Fallon]
People will tell you the ant is not related to the elephant, Menchov said, they will deny the bee in the wildebeest, he said, but what do they know, said Menchov.
[Daniel Grandbois]
Impossible to decipher, yet easy enough to intuit into some sort of action, usually involving the growth of more tissue for their young to feed on.
[Julie Doxsee]
She is unaware of the little bits of fabric he would sew into her palms: in private she squelches her poise and it is awful to hear silence exist in such a perfect American accent.
[Terese Svoboda]
Meat was hardly involved. ▐▐    ██ ▐█  ▐
[Blake Butler]
I played a tuba for like eighteen years until one day I just gave up.
[Stephen Gropp-Hess]
Eventually one realizes that, in this city, everyone is walking around with gauze wrapped around their faces; everything they see is as I see it: through sheets and sheets and sheets and sheets of water.
[Ali Aktan Aşkın]


the family of the deceased close the door to the courtyard from the inside and engage in a verbal fast for a day, at the end of which the oldest member, again, to break the fast, opens his mouth and gives sound to the deceased’s name for the last time. » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » »
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+ SLEEEPINGFISH 8 SETLIST                                              +  +  +  +  +++++
special online musical supplement from current & past sleepingfigh contributors:

Rick Moody
[& Derek White]

>> The Control of Teenagers 

[spoken word by Rick Moody over recording by D. White]. Rick Moody is also in the Wingdale Community Singers. His [lit] work appeared in Sleepingfish issue zzz.


Wingdale Community Singers
Poem Rocket
[Michael Peters]


>> The Universal Flipdown [from Invasion!]
>> Appeal to the Imagination  [from Psychogeography ]

Michael Peter's [lit] work appeared in Sleepingfish 0.75 & he also is also a member of the BeBlank consort.

Poem Rocket Psychogeography
[Duncan Barlow]


>> Laughter
>> The Rabbit & the Moon

[both tracks are from the Rabbit & the Moon album]. Duncan Barlow's [lit] work appeared in Sleepingfish 0.9375.

Venus Bogardus
[James Reich 
& Hannah Levbarg
w/ David Ohle]

>> G-Boys
>> Motorman

[both tracks are off the Motorman album, which is based on the book of the same name by David Ohle]. James Reich's [lit] work appeared in the Sleeping N series.

venus Bogardus
other Sleepingfish contributors with notable musical endeavors to consider checking out:

▐█ Daniel Grandbois [Tarantella, Munly & The Lupercalians & Slim Cessna's Auto Club]

▐█ Ric Royer

▐█ Thurston Moore [Sonic Youth ]  > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

▐█ Miranda Mellis [My Invisible]

▐█ Ross Simonini [Rooos! & NewVillager]

Sonic Youth

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