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Reverse Chiaroscuro

A bead of light on his nose blends into an illuminated smudge made by its reflection. This nose, with wrinkles and warts, is arguably Dutch. It twitches with each breath as a wakeful mitigated snore. The subject returns home after a long day of posing. The painter, still working, has resigned to the memory of the subject. The light from the nose traverses dimly across the cheek, swiftly by the ear, into the dark corners of the room. Had it been daylight still, the light might have leapt out the window, towards the shallow clouds, into the sun.

Holland, 1660

Reverse Light

Reverse light, or ‘day,’ is acted upon the body by tagging its atoms and binding them to receptors through lymph nodes as a synthetic hormone. This results in depression, anxiety, and dry mouth. The shape of this light’s intersection is a so-called ‘day rotation.’ Each ray corresponds to frequencies for which no division is needed. A face will always seem like a face. (Note that if a ray is 2m long, its reflection will be 2m – 1, or ‘empty.’ The day is θ value.)

Reverse Time

The development of structural models of memory has been the focus in our cognitive branch for a long time. Structural theories are based on the assumption that Q-units of Information (QUI) in memory reflect Derived Meaning, Diffused Meanderings, and Divisional Malleability (DMs). We’ve been developing an algorithm which aims to reduce human days by production of ‘junk space’ and non-time. Use of religious scrolls to mediate spiritual deficits resulted in improved serotonin transcriptions and violence.

Reverse Portrait

‘Day behavior’ in men with congenital doldrums have been extensively recorded. In order to investigate all facial and spiritual aspects of his models, Rembrandt employed his infamous ‘bag over the face’ strategy (self-explanatory). Development of bag breath, claustrophobia, and other Golden Age onsets were assessed. The bagged subjects remained willfully anonymous. That the perimeter of their ‘days’ were dramatically reduced was greatly welcomed.

Jimmy Chen maintains a blog and archive of his writing at Embassy of Misguided Zen. He is a contributing writer for HTMLGIANT. He lives in San Francisco.

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