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How To by Aaron Burch

[N/09.01.28] How To by Aaron Burch

Remember the myth of looking directly into the sun. The milk cartons cut into a makeshift periscope. Remember your brothers and sisters having to turn away, their eyes too weak.   [ ... ]

Brandon Hobson

[N/09.01.22] from Melampus: A Myth Retold by Brandon Hobson

& that night the Lymph Node told me some family history, how snakes lived under our house & that’s why we sometimes found them in the tub or dead out back by the shed.   [ ... ]

Marco Giovenale

[N/09.01.20] Asemic Sibyls_3.0 by Marco Giovenale

[ ... ]

Sandy Florian

[N/09.01.14] double bolted doors by sandy florian

Between mast and scream, it was I who found the body. Face up and floating. Eyes doubled and frozen. Crowned like a small abduction and dunked between reefs. Don’t you recall?   [ ... ]

Brian Beise

[N/09.01.11] Bait by Brian Beise

There’s another that tells about a lakehouse we never actually owned but I can see the dock where Mom never actually taught me to run the hook down a cricket’s back, saying how catching   [ ... ]

Andrew Zornoza

[N/09.01.06] Where I Stay (excerpt) by Andrew Zornoza

In between two large stones is a shallow cave I lay down in. I tape the drawing and words to the side of the cave and push the flower into a small map of lichen on the ceiling. [ ... ]

Holland, 1660 by Jimmy Chen

[N/08.12.18] Holland, 1660 by Jimmy Chen

Reverse light, or ‘day,’ is acted upon the body by tagging its atoms and binding them to receptors through lymph nodes as a synthetic hormone. This results in depression, anxiety, and dry  [ ... ]

Fortunato Salazar

[N/08.12.05] Little Rhody by Fortunato Salazar

Because I suffer from a chronic weakness for the rhetorical device known as aposiopesis it won’t be easy to describe my entry in the competition to design the new official Rhode— [ ... ]

Horsie by Ravi Mangla

[N/08.12.04] Horsie by Ravi Mangla

They trailed behind the pickup like loose debris from an earthbound comet, riding up on the bumper at stops and sticking their heads through the bars of the stall. [ ... ]

Uche Umez

[N/08.12.01] Move On by Uche Peter Umez

Men, women, and children flap about, like beheaded ducks. Bump against one another. The electric lines sputter. Swift clouds of smoke billow up into the morning sky. [ ... ]

Mathias Svalina

[N/08.11.25] Four instructions for children's games by Mathias Svalina

One child says I can see her. But that child is lying. The other children circle around the lying child & begin to stroke his skin & rub his feet with expensive oils. Another child says I can [ ... ]

Justin Dobbs

[N/08.11.12] The Fireman and the Caper by Justin Dobbs

We hadn't really the time to paint the fireman. Nor paint to paint him with, but we did have him there, down in our basement, and he was sitting there on our couch with the funny-looking   [ ... ]

Shane Jones

[N/08.11.06] Two by Shane Jones

He nodded. I pulled the trigger and my neck tore open. Flowers bloomed from the blood inside my throat. The man made a bouquet and gave it to his wife who sat on the horse.   [ ... ]

3 by Kim Parko

[N/08.10.15] Three by Kim Parko

The boys came up to us demanding skin, so we blew up balloons and tangled them into carnal sculptures. The boys caressed their balloons, excited further by the swell of plastic.   [ ... ]

Snow by J.A. Tyler

[N/08.10.13] Snow by J.A Tyler

In white pearls, the heavy blankets of snow sifting through his branches. This is not summer. This is not spring, fall. This man is their father, the man gone, and it is winter in his hands, the ice [ ... ]

Sugar by James Reich

[N/08.10.12] Sugar by James Reich

The cemetery broke through the skin of the desert and pushed a wave of death across the red dirt; a tiny bomb leaving a shrapnel of headstones and splintered crosses, laying waste to all but [ ... ]

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