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Diasy Atterbury

itself in a continuous feed

ligule has a ring of fine hairs culms are a light beige, glabrous and terete spike has about five little spikelets attached nodes have a roughness as well are slightly swollen she has a C4 metabolism


which stays alert in proprioception loud

accepts those containing loess, gravel or clay-loam stroking hand, if it lingers, encounters violence along the culm in the form of thirty to fifty pendulous spikes encounters smoothness until the rough margins, finding small white hairs


the last threshold of resistance

she holds her blades with distracted care each spike about five little attached her sisters delicate racemes of spines, spry, erect, prefers full sun and dry conditions grows in various conditions


I have is pore

Diasy Atterbury

Daisy Atterbury is a writer based in Santa Fe and Paris. Her work has appeared in Brass Sopaipilla, The Paris Review Daily, BOMBLOG, The Atlantic, Technikart and The New Yorker's "Book Bench" blog. She has a piece forthcoming in Digital Hamper. Daisy founded and now co-directs a residency program for writers on a ranch in New Mexico. 

sleepingfish X

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