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Carla Rak: a 1896 fairground program
a 1896 fairground program

Carla Rak: Leaving

Carla Rak: the book knockers
the book knockers

Carla Rak: my brother is coming
my brother is coming

Carla Rak: Jim l'inafferrabile
Jim l'inafferrabile

Carla Rak was born in Rome, with an almost palindromic name, in 1978. She owes her surname to a blurry family history she’s still trying to unravel between fiction and reality. She suffers from irony, laziness and a sort of melancholy that her father attributes to vague Slavic origins. For several years, she has spent her days being in charge of photoediting and editorial assignments in the biggest Italian photojournalistic agency; while in the evening, she’s studying Eighteenth century photographs to complete her Ph.D thesis in Communication Sciences. She spends the rest of her time taking pictures, making paper and digital collages, writing short stories where someone always passes away, learning serigraphy, and, of course, living and loving.

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