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DB Chirot

DB Chirot
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db chirot

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Document de la commission: 'This will kill that.  The book will destroy the building.'

DB Chirot
. . . points to the spot where the acoustic and eyewitness place . . .

db chirot
mysticism of materials

Intently, the Eye Stutters

DB Chirot
Ballade des pendus:  Poeme Visuelle de Francois Villon

Alive, Thoreau's Journals

Cinema of Catharsis

David-Baptiste Chirot grew up Vermont, and has lived and worked in France, Poland, Sweden, Boston and Milwaukee. His visual poetry, poetry, essays, sound and performance scores have appeared in over 80 journals, 11 anthologies, 5 books, and in over 300 mail art and visual poetry shows. He works with a profound faith in the found, everywhere hidden in plain sight.

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