SleepingFish Zer0: 44 pages of textual art:


William Allegrezza
Petra Backonja
Guy Beining
Melissa Benham 
John M. Bennett
Casey Brandt 
Christophe Casamassima
Catherine Daly
Jessica Fanzo
Vernon Frazer 
Crag Hill
Brandon Hobson
W.B. Keckler 
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen 
Amy King
Marc Kipniss
Gyorgy Kostritskii
Jim Leftwich 
Carlos M. Luis
Peter Markus
Gordon Moyer
Sheila E. Murphy
Christopher Mulrooney
Andrew Nightingale
Shane Plante
Kathryn Rantala 
Francis Raven
Spencer Selby
Ross Simonini 
Thomas Lowe Taylor
Kevin White


"Mafioso or Seafood Visual Poetry?" Review of SleepingFish 0 by Geof Huth


"In our count of the many but uncrowded contents of the issue, we have quibbled about what is poem and what is picture because some of the latter contain words, and two are collaborations between some we either know or assume is a visual artist... very interesting." --Literary Magazine Review (see Vol. 22, Nos. 1 & 2 for full review)

Facts about SleepingFish Issue Zero:

The word “tongue” is used 6 times.  

There are 6 bridges.

The letter “p” is used 503 times.

The word “mouth” is used 8 times.

There are 5 references to shellfish.

There are 8 contrived geographical partitions.

There are 11 bodies of water.

There are 23 knees (11½ pairs).

There are 11 different species of mammal.

If ingested, issue zero has 72 calories,5 grams of crude fiber, 2 grams of crude protein and  <1 gram of crude fat.


Samplings from SleepingFish zero:

front cover

Carlos M. Luis   back cover

Petra Backonja   Cumulative Spectral Decay II

Peter Markus   We Eat Mud   

 Kevin White   III Indult * Induplicate 

Lost and Found: Note Outside Door of Halloween Party

Trini-Dada Boyzzz: “The Mother of All Street Meat” : gustatory review 



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Extra web only features:

Jessica Fanzo   Room 11

Hot Hot Heat & Ima Robot Review


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