Sound Furies are breaking tradition this year + won't release an album on December 24 (our anniversary). The new album, TIME'S EDIT, will likely arrive early 2023 (possibly on vinyl, if there is enough interest). In the meantime, we'll drop a single or 2 here.


U + i = 3.141592653...

(featuring Richard Brautigan) [cryptic liner notes on the making of]

U ...
U + me = 3
naught that we need 2 make a baby
2 prove our love = real

when the honeymoons are over
the lawns are seeded in clover
+ children playing red rover
love turns 2 ashes + 2 dust
the gutters DK w/ rust
w/ each boom comes a bust ...

U ...
U + i make π
the crusted edges = endless
peaches in boundless supply

when U don't make things by hand
U lose touch w/ the land
swapped 4 bots made from sand
which maybe is not such a bad thing
humuns suck @ driving
Y not trust machines?
2 show us the way
machines of loving grace



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