O ,  V O Z Q U E   P U L P

images by Carlos M. Luis & texts by Derek White

[out of print]

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ISBN 0-9746053-4-4

40 pages; saddle-stapled; 28 lb. paper; 90 lb. cover stock; 

color and B & W illustrations.

O, Vozque Pulp is a collaborative collection of Rorschach-like ink-drawings by Carlos M. Luis, with corresponding surreal textual interpretations by Derek White. 

"There's a frenzy within[Luis' images]; they exude electricity; they are filaments; they are neurons firing spasmodically. The best of White's texts seem to arise from the dream, from the subconscious, the subliminal." --Gian Lombardo, from review in Sentence 4.  

"The experience of reading and viewing the book pushed me toward primordial thinking, that long taproot back to early utterances and images." --James Wagner

"O, VOZQUE PULP is a selection of very short works paired or page-associated with images by Carlos M. Luis, but these are not the norm in flash fiction where writers are seeking to encapsulate a small moment & somehow still, by force or by language, create the standard beginning / middle / end of a narrative arc. No. Instead, White is giving the reader segments of living, moments of life – some that end & some that begin & some that are the middle. Not one feels like a story told start to finish, but the incompletion of them makes a point in & of itself about how fragmented our lives are – & this perception of existence is then pressed into being with White’s well-phrased texts."—J.A. Tyler, in Big Other

Carlos M. Luis & Derek White interviewed by Joyelle McSweeney in Loggernaut

The prose poem titles and thumbnails of the drawings in O, Vozque Pulp are listed below. Click on a thumbnail or title to view that sample piece. Other pieces are collected in the Sackner Archive.

My Old Stomping Grounds Revisited (first published in Milk Magazine, Vol. 5)




(published online in Cafe Irreal)

Red Snapper Now, It's the Rabbit Chasing the Greyhound
Waiting in a Long Line of Evolution (published online in Cafe Irreal) My Idols Won't Support Hanging Weight

Accumulating from the Deck Up

We Keep Reminding Ourselves to Remember (first published in elimae)

Being on a Raft (first published in elimae)

h(Alt(o) He(me)

Within a Tidal Estuary (published in Monkey Bicycle)

The False Hopes that Airports Raise A Vestigial Interest (first published in Taint)
The Dandelion Hunter (published in Alice Blue) Attribute to Gravity (published in Alice Blue)
Before Puberty I Was a Goat Fan (published in Alice Blue) Eyes on the Divining Rod (published in Word Riot)
Forested Discontent

The Lifelines Left by the Lathe

Cross-Breeding the Sickle Cell Nodes

Test-Driving a Car with Mileage Left

An Uncle Twice Removed

(published in Unpleasant Event Schedule)

The Vacant Tidings of My Allergy

Stampeding the Encore

What the Irreversible Free Path Delineates

Carlos M. Luis was born in La Habana, Cuba in 1932.  He left Cuba in ‘62 and settled in New York City until ’79, when he moved to Miami and became the director of the Cuban Museum. As an artist and visual poet he has exhibited his work in a number of galleries around the country and world. He has taught courses and given lectures on a variety of subjects including Renaissance, Cuban and contemporary art, cultural studies, socialism, avant-garde, surrealism and philosophy.  His poetry and essays have been published widely, his most recent book being, “Dysfunctional Texts” (Luna Bisonte, 2002). He is married with two sons, a daughter and five grandchildren.  

DEREK WHITE lives in New York City. Before that he lived in some other places.


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