Calamari Archive


Calamari Archive is a DC-based repository of literature, art + music. Calamari also hosts The Daily Noose "journihilism" blog where we anonymously archive our lives in real-time + Sleepingfish—a lit mag that is sometimes in print, sometimes online + whose last issue was released as a cassette mixtape.

Over the past 15+ years, Calamari Archive has put out 70+ book objects (including Sleepingfish + the acquired 3rd bed imprint). Some of these have been 1st books by emerging writers such as Peter Markus, Miranda Mellis, Robert Lopez, Blake Butler + Chiara Barzini, while others have been resurrected reprints of out-of-print cult classics by established writers such as David Ohle, Gary Lutz, Stanley Crawford + Scott Bradfield (making us more akin to a no-kill shelter than a press).

In 2014 the entity formerly known as Calamari Press released the pushy-sounding press from its name to become Calamari Archive, Ink. The word archive more accurately reflects our organizational ambitions, incorporated as such as a collective, as a curated collection. Calamari Archive also no longer publishes copyrighted works. This name change represents a philosophical schism, in response to a shifting publishing landscape—we will no longer aggressively promote + market books as consumer commodities within the competitive confines of a larger economic system, reducing them to products at the expense of their integrity as art objects.

As of 2017, Calamari Archive will only publish anonymous or pseudonymous works + also ventured into the music space + has since released 3 albums.