Michael Peters Vaast Bin

Vaast Bin; n ephemerisi

Michael Peters

92 pages

ISBN 0-9798080-0-6


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Original Art from Vaast Bin

Original versions of some of the drawings by Michael Peters featured in Vaast Bin are available for sale for $150 each. Price includes the original drawing signed by Michael Peters, and a copy of Vaast Bin. Click on image for larger view.

turgescent fastnacht by Michael Peters

Turgescent Fast Nacht (pg. 14)  

Explanation of Period by Michael Peters

Explanation of Period (pg. 47) 


P Robe by Michael Peters

P Robe (pg. 55)

Noth'd Rookery by Michael Peters

Noth'd Rookery (pg. 71) 


Flaking Orb N Oth by Michael Peters

Flaking Orb N Oth (pg. 79)


Noth Come Quickly by Michael Peters

Noth Come Quickly (pg. 91) 

Like the vast stellar bin or the blackbody that Michael Peters alludes to in this cosmic fertility myth, the primal “poems” and images that comprise Vaast Bin; n Ephemerisi absorb all impinging radiation (the raw data that Peters' inks into it) and re-radiate an energy that is uniquely characteristic of the glowing body (the book object, and Peters himself). Bristling and oozing with storm petrels, glowvents, mutend probes, hoary tropes and other wild-type organisms, the spectral pattern of words and images is not only unique and characteristic of Michael Peters, but it’s mathematically precise. It’s his genetic kernel reduced to coded language and diagrammatic rhizomes, urgently re-propagated—without restraint—for our detectors (senses) to absorb, ponder and assimilate into our own beings. Vaast Bin is a visceral lexicon that is both mechanical and organic, that grates and augers down to the raw, bubbling cistern of creation.

“Out of kosmos comes order or is it the Other way around? Out of dizorder, chaosmosis. Always n-1: startling, I mean starling. Was that an o or a 0? Sterling, to say the least: Dizzorder as drain refill. My head spins & that's a compliment. This is Kosmos-Vispo with a vengeance: tighten your beat cells and parade your chutes! HCE = here comes everyTHING. I can't wait for this to be over so I can start it up all over again. Stars to starlings, me little darlings. Jimmy Joyce with a computer Rolls Royce. That nebula ain't nebulous at all, mapped on the starling's chest it is a blade duplicator. I love it.”

Pierre Joris

“The linguistic stops, starts, and original reinterpretations of individual words offer disjoint glimpses of hectic reality, much like life itself. "

John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review

A review of the machine that is Vaast Bin by Michael Jonik


"this this
is not just being death is not
the symbiotic semiotic is muscular, oceanic
the opening before my construction
a prelude of noth
is muscular, oceanic
the symbiotic impulse eats awl
that at that semiotic & severall
this is this
his invariance ourselves between
symbiotic muscular & semiotic oceanic
between ourselves mute endings
vowel text immensity immediacy
muscular, oceanic
vast as been
vast this as this been this this." 

—Jim Leftwich


Excerpts & Reviews:


Micheal Peter's reading in Albany (from dbqp)


Mooring the Vaast Bin


Michael Peters

The “writing” attributable to “Michael Peters”—his poetry, his visual poetry, his fiction, his critical writing—has appeared in publications such as SleepingFish, Word for/Word, Lungfull, Xtant, Tool a Magazine, Spinning Jenny, Posted, American Weddings, and Kostelanetz’s Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes, to name a few. His visual poetry has appeared in galleries, anthologies, and exhibits, and can be found in various special collections and avant-garde libraries, among these: The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry. As a musician and a sound-text performer, most notably in Poem Rocket, his recordings have been released on a variety of independent labels. In 2007, Atavistic (the avant jazz and rock label based out of Chicago), released Poem Rocket’s fourth full-length recording, a double-CD titled Invasion! Vaast Bin; n Ephemerisi is his first book.

Micheal Peters website


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