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Residue is a text/image collaboration of dream-inspired fictions by DD that were prompted by Rorschach-like prints by MM, both subconsciously rendered in response to the anxiety-ridden events of 2020. From the copyleft page:

“This book is printed on repsychled paper (100% post-consumer waste). It is a work of art, not a smear campaign. Not for 1 second does this book attempt to speak for the collective unconchus as a hole. Any reassemblance to public figures + places herein is subliminal + coinsidental to reality. Since we were under house arrest for most of 2020, the incidence + events herein are mirror pigments of our imaginations, filtered from food we ate, films we saw + online media sorces (a.k.a. The Daily Noose), wherein the journihilists that fed us such mis/information likely also never left their homes so the true reality of what happend in 2020 will never be none.”

Excerpts in Sleepingfish + Heavy Feather.

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