Dream of the Thumb

What is there about a fox, running around like crazy through the field. It just grabs me, like I’m in a cage strung up by balloons. I’m in this box, several beasts poking about. I am riding an orange horse. Susan is a far away flicker, dancing with some monster. I came across a dead snake, a dead frog, and an odious mound of earth “where they’re growing cancer,” an officer tells me, “but it won’t hurt you, the dogs sniff it up all the time.” I was searching for Susan, she’d left me behind near a whorehouse / narcotics factory. Girls were strapped to posts, handled roughly in a number of ways. Big men in hair suits and masks. Shouting and the sawing of planks. Is there something seen in the womb, at conception even, a mess of earth, a fleeting scene?

--James Grinwis


More work by James Grinwis appears in the print version of SleepingFish 0.75.