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JUS Il Giusto nel suo mondo
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Simone Pellegrini: Periodi di transizione

"Periodi di transizione" (2010, 85x215cm)

Simone Pellegrini: Deliri di difesa
"Deliri di difesa" (2010, 68x160cm)

Simone Pellegrini: Esangue
"Esangue" (2010, 71x172cm)

Simone Pellegrini: Fondamenta degli inguaribili
"Fondamenta degli inguaribili" (2010, 58x119cm)

Simone Pellegrini: Conversazione azimutale
"Conversazione azimutale" (2010, cm 55x108)

Simone Pellegrini was born 18.07.1972 in Ancona, Italy. In 1999 he got his degree in painting from l’Accademia di belle Arti in Urbino. "JUS Il Giusto nel suo mondo" or "JUS, the right man in his world" is the title of the exhibit that recently showed at Galleria Cardelli & Fontana in Sarzana and that is currently showing at Galleria Giacomo Guidi in Roma. He had his first solo exhibit "Stille" in Germany in 2006 at Galerie Hachmeister in Munster.

Images reproduced here courtesy of Galleria Cardelli & Fontana.

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