"Kanawha" is an early single from our next album, Tributaries, wherein each song is named for a river. This is a tribute to our friend Giancarlo DiTrapano, who was born on the Kanawha river in West Virginia.

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Kanawha [liner notes]

no derivative
for the speed u lived
+ died by the word
+ sight of the other side left u undeterred

delta X over Y
between land + sky
heard the sirens sing
bring hym home to heaven

the world will never be the same
once u cross the river the land behind caves in

but your empire remains, thriving
+ the 4-river fountain keeps flowing

u spiked the font w/ your blood
u dosed blotter paper w/ your love

from the Ganges to Danube
from the spit beer is brewed
who will get the next round?
1st sip poured on the ground.

Gian's voice @ the beginning is courtesy of this Otherppl podcast + here's a video w/ the only footage we have of Gian, asleep in the backseat of a taxi somewhere in the outskirts of Rome about 10 years ago (he was talking in his sleep so we were trying to capture what he was saying).


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