8/24/2020> Hear is "Mare," an early single from the 3rd Sound ƒuries album—Herd of Birds, which will be released 12/24/2020. Available on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. Video + lyrics below...        




the sea
like a blanket on the globe
she rolls on the beach to meet me
put my feet under + pull the blankets over
+ let her mystery keep me

the waves wash away the pain
over + over again

so deep + heavy
so cold + yet so warm
her voice just keeps on going
the sea is forever
as long as we will know
her silence just keeps on rolling

she is timeless
she is breath
she is the cycle
she is death

I remember gliding in a boat blown by the wind
sliding across your skin
on an island almost floating
resting in her hands
we'll eat coconuts, limes + clams

the waves away the shells
+ turn them into bells

so beautiful you looked
with only the light of the moon
and your skin tempered the lashes

something filled the air
a buzzing steady glow
the fire flickered as
the wind blew the ashes

*"Mare" was originally recorded 30+ years ago as "Skin" by unknown artist (the instrumental ½ of Sound ƒuries)

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