Herd of Birds is the 3rd album by Sound ƒuries, released 12/24/20. Available on Bandcamp (+ vinyl LP), Amazon, Apple, etc. or stream on SoundCloud, YouTube + Spotify, etc. Videos/lyrics below w/ links to bloggy liner notes for each track.

R₀ [notes]

sink or swim he said
take wing or sprout new means
the meek weaklings
are the weakest link

seagulls don’t come in flocks
they swarm in colonies
they prey on humun babies
the old + the weak

2-fold the river takes us
each 1 by scruff of neck
4 x 4 rank + file
8 x 8 x 32 x 64
512... 4096
dead souls
1,048,576 unsaved

1,000,000 blue moon jellies
moored smack dab in Venice lagoon
an unkindness of ravens
a bevy of quail
a murder of crows
roosting ready to swoon

a scurry of squirrels
pigs in a drift
pandemonium of parrots
donkeys in droves

a shiver of sharks
quiver of cobras
a shadow of jaguars
a parliament of owls

the # of dead from covid
the same as the daily birth toll
a hemorrhaging herd of humuns
armed + ready to annihilate us all

hawks in a kettle
a curfew of curlews
conspiracy of lemurs
woodpeckers descend

a slice of lemmings
a fever of stingrays
a zeal of zebras
a shrewdness of apes

a murmur from starlings
mum’s the word
scene of the murder
not to be heard

the R₀ of nautilus
buoyancy controlled
Jason chasing the fleece
losing zzz’s in brain folds
the # of dead nowhere near the birth toll


the choir sings
"cullapsing colony"
the choir sings
"cullapsing colony"

the bee she dreamed enuff for a lifetime
(1 + 1 for all)
drilling holes to fill our brain
(in trephinating cascades)
a reign of brood came crashing from the sky
(from comet tales)
from higher up then u kin name
(ripping a page from the book)

drizzling down on dandelion leaves
(the greens taste clean)
the world a buzz in handholding machines

patched together to cobble a collective hole
(pieced from the whole)
spiraling down in bait + switch
(the earthworm writhes on the hook)
the fuse is lit, the unseen dream foretold
(who could predict?)
the snake eats its one tale w/o a hitch
(each piece grows a new heart)

the fallow fields regrow w/ wildflowers
(dazed poppies in bloom)
the world ripped anew in regenerating genes

the ebbing spins a web in the delta's mouth
(from hear to de-Nile)
"flow" spells "wolf" in the moon's riverse
(in the wax + wane)
the smell of napthalene won't save us now
(from the underwear drawer)
our mothers clothes decay to dirt
(tilled w/ sweat + toil)

as fathers fumble for their flies to preach
(keep the kids outta reach)
bumbling diatribes of birds + bees d-zzz

the choir sings
"cullapsing colony"

AEOLIA [notes]

they said “say our name”
as they came from the raging blood orange sea

after saying “my name is No One”
we cling to the underbelly of sheep

beaten black + blue
from Arabian horses they make shcool glue

the night mare resumes too soon
blistered by the memary of Spanish flu

a collage of colures degrades to gray
then fades to black where it all began

the candles wax + wane
the birthday cake left in the reign

the barbary apes took the wheel
when we stopped the rental in the middle Atlas hills

Ulysses fell from grace
when his men took a peak in the ox-hide bag of skin


the lead is blown
the yard overgrown
god aint dead... it just never lived

submit to the ruin
+ kudzu vines
washed blind in saturated shine

sleeping is sinking
try describing the shore to sum 1 drowning

lulled into the blissful pull of sleep

the corvid curve
swoop of wing
a parrot swings
from hoop earrings

dangling free
no static trace
binary breeze
while humuns race

+ all for what?
what's so important
that it can't wait?

a body at rest will stay at rest
until acted upon by external forces

shallow wave equations don't apply
when you're floundering in the deep end

it bothered us that we oned the house
but couldn't axess the roof right over our heads

"stay ahead"
your mother said
+ now she nose
she's bedder off dead

save your breath
don't give birth
lose your shirt
for the bedder of earth

for the bedder of earth

A HUED GRIEF [notes]

rivers run red w/ washed hands
the sands of time land-lock airspace
the ceilings fall in the face of it all
the smell of inmate's personal hells

kamikaze curves
who nose when or witch way the wind blows

6 feet as the crow flies
a grave of ravenous rats unearthed
the crumbling walls of dirt + debris
the decaying cry of hollowed greed

a walled garden approach
lampshade pets see onely blue sky
necks severed clean from bodily function
the junction of rivers + land riversed

a hued grief
cries wolf
the bats shriek
a hued grief
the bows dip
the ships singk

if baysic needs ain't guaranteed
bodies rise to seize back seeds
cancer crabs will storm the beach +
bait + switch in autoimmune d-zzz

mangrove swamps harbor mood swings
Egon Schiele died in 1918

3 dayzzz after his wife died
6-month pregnant w/ influenza
tormented hands play contorted organs
the floating fleets set sail for Plymouth

100 years after inquisition
the Armada rooted in restless box-springs
connect the dots from bone to bloodstream
invisible, they never knew what hit them

history ripeats
every day the same ol' story
every century
every war dawns robes of tyrants deposed


the picture fades to cellulose souls
lost in the folds

found in an Oldsmobile
originul wheels
d-tailed by the same machine
that shines your shoes
chalk it up to
automation blues

choose life over death
but it’s all in the choice
which brand of shoes
boot-strapping the beam
that split the seam
shedding light in between

the lines’s drawn in the sand
by the same hand that draws the curtains in the end

then ushers us to the concession stand

J.J. stuck in his thumb + pulled out a plum
tasted what he set out to taste
Earnest fired a gun at tissue paper
+ it bounced back in his face
100 years ago the last picture show self-ignited its one negative
the nitrate emulsion self-imploded the ocean, land + sky w/ it

from past blasphemy
we can’t see thru the trees
cursed by d-zzz
heresy is hearsay
hearsay is heresy


the birds bring us to kneel
in unchartered fields
before the river takes us to see

the onely thing that's reel
is the hard glassy feel
as u slam into the pain

to be herd
not seen
skin deep
walled in
to isolate
self-driving cars
deliver eggs
uv city streets
can't u see?

kin u feel the impressions of feathered friends?

the hail on the skylight
reminds us to breathe
the potential diffrence between
what's supplied + what's resieved

from cloud to ground
the charge comes top-down

whips crack
horses nay
saddles creak
police state
the gavel drops
d-fence rests
the hole world
under house arrest
welcome to novus ordo seclorum

is this the biginning of the end?
augured from the owls
what do the howls portend?

blood runs blue in the veins
until exposed to the reins
ever since he downed the cherry tree
file it under profitsea
it puts the chokehold on our nape
rapes the self-fulfilling yoke from the hero's cape

gun-steel turns to rust
in Dogs we trust
the leash

reverse the rites
the right to arm bears
yield to a congress of ravens
welcome to post-humun novus ordo seclorum

MARE [notes]

the sea
like a blanket on the globe
she rolls on the beach to meat me
put my feet under + pull the blankets over
+ let her mystery keep me

the waves wash away the pain
over + over again

so deep + heavy
so cold + yet so warm
her voice just keeps on going
the sea is forever
as long as we will know
her silence just keeps on rolling

she is timeless
she is breath
she is the cycle
she is death

i remember gliding in a boat blown by the wind
sliding across your skin
on an i-land almost floating
resting in her hands
we'll eat coconuts, limes + clams

the waves wash away the shells
+ turn them into bells

so beautyful u looked
w/ onely the light of the moon
+ your skin tempered the lashes

sumthing filled the air
a buzzing steady glow
the fire flickered as
the wind blew the ashes

TOTEM #9 [notes]

we found a blue hatchet buried in dandelion weeds
who's to say coyote don't do good deeds?

we let it slip further down in the folds
evil is also in the eye that beholds

even if a tree never even falls
sum 1's bound to claim they herd it all

please sir, kin we have back our yellow ball?
y'all don't need no wall

we beseech u police not to be besieged
no 1's free 'til every 1 else is free

kin u look past your uniform
to the suit y'all wore when u were nuborn

badge or flag don't mean u kin beat us black + blue
no 1 kin take your childhood away from u

when the bruise heals it shines yellow + green
a black eye in the mirror sees past what's being seen
doubly conscious as coined by W. E. B. Du Bois
the hickory tree don't see but can here the saw

same wood used for axe or baton
hurry the batch to keep hurrying on

police sir, kin we have back our yellow ball?
y'all don't need no wall

we'll play your game if u level the field
we won't ride no bus w/ u at the wheel

finders keepers
losers weepers
winner winner
chicken dinner

wood u hear the shot herd round the whirled
if the ball curves foul?

SARDINES [notes]

no 1 wins dressed as Elvis
10,000 swam thru kelp forests
the fans were told not to save us
a chorus sang “this is hell”
we smelt gunpowder ice cream
+ Nobel takes the caked on
results off the back of a cereal box
sumping’s fishy, an off-kilter kettle
cast of black metal using the lost wax methud

witch 1 added chlorine?
off the shore of Moss Landing
as deep as Grand Cañon
dilooting the waves
resinants still bleeds
visine hides the wrath of grapes
distilled in wine
Sheephead are black, white + red
when dead + hard-boiled
in vinegar + oil
w/ a pinch of sea salt
+ coal-mined canaries
in kind for cowries
+ canned w/ sardines


lay-z dayz of summer
the stillness of mid-July
thoughts scattered in siesta
lost to the years gone by

dayzzz run head over heals
looped in a mobius day-z chain

the grit of granite on our hands
smell of pine sap mulched by ants
the rope dangling free in the wind
feels as real as inside our skin

fingers reeling in the years
yearning for dayz of future past

woken up at 3...

in the past of future dayzzz
current memaries fade

longing for the wistful
a fistfull of fresh dirt
on belay to the dead
dish out rope, forge a head

dead antsisters in a $tring
letters are ladders to hang out our things
helicul circling to ketch the next wave
touching the curl 2 spite our face

dangling by hour nails
astronauts riding the rails
reef in the mizzen staysail
the fog lifts to know a veil

in the past of future dayzzz
current memaries fade away
fate a way

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