24 Dec 2018 | Rome> Calamari Archive announces the release of un by Sound ƒuries, on the eve of their 22nd anniversary... tho in their first 21 years together they
touched an instrument or made music... not that these are love songs, to the contrary they celebrate death + decay (if any 2 words capture the spirit of
this album, they're: "we're fucked"). 9 months ago Sound ƒuries got instruments + set up a music room in the attic of palazzo Colonna, so u could
think of un as their "baby," specielly since they never had a biological 1. Nostalgic as they are for the smell of vinyl + the long-lost concept
of an album, they decided to cut an LP— a "record" of their exiled existence—of which they made exactly 2 copies, as gifts to
1 another, for each ½ of Sound ƒuries. If there's enough demand we might have more vinyl pressed, but for now
here's the digital album, their gift to the world (if u can't afford the 1 €uro on Bandcamp or want a
copy let us know + we'll send u 1, or u can stream it on SoundCloud
or YouTube (by watching below videos)[+ now on Spotify, iTunes,
Amazon, etc. ] + keep scrolling for lyrics.
(or download free)



salt (0:00)

the Gotu shepherd grrrl, leads her shoat up the slope to graze
all day in the blazing sun, myrrh trees long gone from last-ditch ways
8 years old yet seasoned at stern
don't question reasons, just live + learn

come evening descend the brink to let them drink brackish Adam's ale
the hex-cracking dead-end pan, all that's left b-sides Jonah's whale

who would of guessed we'd end up like this
reduced to rats on a depleted ship
gnawing on the wood that keeps us afloat
better off if Noah had never built his boat

in the brilliance of sunshine take no joy
the bright light a decoy to blight + war
if ever it does rain, it pours
no dam can stop nature from running it's course
greener pastures reserved for golf
place your bets on the racehorse who falls

the Morton umbrella girl sells her wares in mise-en-abîme
the self-same brand of madmen, a century later 'comes Inurnet meme

white skin of privilege oblivious to root
pushing product from residual soot
by out-casted Sherpas in an untouchable race
to pull outta thin air our inevitable fate

hail forth to drug lords of death
crystalized from rain to monarch's breath
Dorothy to Krishna in butterfly effect
unsound methods make jewfish deaf

the loudness they laud just an overblown fraud
a sure-fire way to face or join the squad
Goliath alone on deck like a sitting duck
may as well face the facts, we're fucked


unsound (6:06)

hail 4th to drug lords of death
crystallized from rein to monarch's breath
Dorothy to Krishna in butterfly fx
unsound methods make jewfish deaf

embrace the lord of K-OS
beauty in the breakdown
yo-yoing DK-dance
her methods come off unsound

tattered + torn, her untethered fabric, flaps in the wind
w/ a broom, she sweeps destiny in glorious din
+ she fell down kicking on her side + said,
in Division of Joy, she's lost control again

in a frail + forlorn fugue of poverty porn
better off homeless than house-poor in the red foreclosed
spittle curls with caked blood + forms paisley hues
on linoleum tiles worn brittle w/ abuse

address the princess of death w/ deep sonar ping snores
the flailing sails dangle free from originul sorce
the rays illuminate a ½-crazy baglady
billowing into 2nd hand moth-eaten clothes

a door opened beneath floorboards, wailing off the rails
by chance, triggered by a bent rusted nail
her Freudian slip ripped a rabbit hole, split at the seams
in dreams, never a place we've ever been seen

can't put your finger on the distressed look of the butchery's face
by a thread the neon sign dangles, no recognized trace
the ruins of a theme park, bankrupt + abandoned,
laid by the wayside, harboring a grotesque sea of ghosts

beauty in the breakdown
her methods come off unsound

exploring the broken corners
scored w/ 4-clawed edges
decadence of debris,
chicken bone in the hedges
flâneuring on the fringes
from the ashes rises Phoenix
splaying your grandma's corpse
to curious morbid thrill-seeking it
this, the rain stained abyss,
drained of all that disintegrates to unholey mist
the rise + the fall of ∀ll that ∃xists
the ½-life of hysteria that u resist

embrace the lord of K-OS
beauty in the breakdown
yo-yoing DK-dance
her methods come off unsound


O U R [sic] (11:35)

they're gonna send u away
to the isle of yo d-k
turning red w/ rage
no place to rest yo case


Alcatraz (14:05)

i for 1 didn’t heed the fall
1 for all they herd the call
of caterwauling trophies
strobing slivers betwine the drips

crashing light comes as no souprize
carrot root tips crystallize
siked cartography of end-pires
spiraling da fire ants into de-caye

sown fields bleed red + blue
a greedy hue + cry of debris
foul smell of colored flood plains
seeds a shiver of undue ease

i for 1 didn’t see the rain
dangling on in n endlist chain
keeps threading the silver needle
inheritic’d til it runs red to rust

w/ measured pecks of seagulls beaks
drops of blood on white hairloomed fleece
the taut sterility of cashed land
comes w/ threadcount to no avail

seek winds to set off course
along the rut of the Oregon Trail
parallel west from Mason Dixon
to cascading bridal veils

men-of-war hail down from Portuguese seas
thru a Colon’ed isthmus swarmed by killer bees
where our x-isle gets worn on mangy sleeves
inhabits the skid-marked trace of guttered eves
a man a plan: god a canal of de-sentry
spare US A coat-hangared womb, hung from his tree


turpentine (17:30)

the muddy underwear hangs from a tree
Grace Wisher's ol' glory dangling for ∀ll to see
next to a knee-high hive of bees

on the flag's meaning we never agreed
to claim, conquer, discover or decree
false oaths lead to loathing
bloated bodies lay prone in the piney bog

waves the girl to every dam passing boat
a white handkerchief symbolizes a tone
the blood-stained gauze turns black in time
the not-so civil war follows us still into
the dark pines where the sun don't ever shine

u took a wrong turn @ the whirlpool
cant shake the feeling of unjust pursuit
levees, girdling + Chevys fuel climate change
the flood was planned, the dam covered up burial land
Leadbelly worried bout the ground where u slept last night
as u lay dying in peat moss bedding
cuz u dint buy the bull-thumping of a shotgun wedding

the sound of bloodhounds, baying at our heels
castrated by ƒuries, like a pig Achilles squeals
from the beginning, always the same
from Borneo to Natchez the wrath of weather change
we can endure the hurricane, but why, o why?

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no parole (0:00)

a jury hung her pigtails
exile w/ no parole
the ink well milks each sentence
garlic necktie for whom to toll

2 sides to every story
9 ways to skin a cat alive

solution to the conundrum
dissolves when u shake or stir
the revolution gets rerun
backwoods the turntables whirl

2 sides to every record
after 3½ cycles history repeats

who knows true stories
that spawn wivestales to rust
magnetic suspension of disbelief
out the window + under the bus
hit your head on a ridge beam
6 feet under ground

no sound, u find a rind mined of pine-tar
+ unkind words, so u heard,
rumors the ark was moored in quarantine,
mired in sand, the Moroccan castle seams,
so caulk w/amber resin + lye, don't ask why,
no telling, in the forest of no return,
u yell, TIM-BRRRR!

don't look for proof
the lone tree forms the mast
or holds up the roof

rats hang from attic rafters
bats stand upright in the hull

if an unsound neck snaps
on the slopes of Fuji
or a cow kick-starts a fire
not a dent in the sea

a drop in the bucket of the human plague
desire keeps reseeding our own disease

who knew the truth, for what its worth,
the skinny dirt, Giordano's hood,
hung still in bronze, from dusk to dawn,
on death row still, against god's will,
with Gallileo + Brahe's brass nose
+ Neruda's noose... unearthed to no avail

the sails mizzened at ½-mast
despite no wind, u face the waving flag
cast from the gallows to an unmarked grave
save the date, any famous last words?
to carve in stone or camel bone
atone for the undead
scroll what's left unsaid


Rocinante (5:20)

the witching hour marks the end of the days
or the beginning depending which way
rise + fall to rise + fall again
file under B, sweep into the dusky din

the rest of the world goes to sleep as we wake
while we slept hands tied to sirens ball + chain
the crazed push + pull, either on or under the bus
the stalemate bureaucracy of Sisyphus

dont cry sister for
Don Quixote's horse
burros aint crazy
trope for royal divorce

Don Quixote's horse...

dreams writ down in the dark don't make sense come day
Tonto taunts us up to our necks in sour grapes
4-toed ungulates racing 360 degrees
mirrored in the quagmire of hypocrisy

dont cry sister for
Don Quixote's horse
burros aint crazy
trope for royal divorce

Don Quixote's horse...


seasick (9:10)

a sham blamed on the boom
the burgeoned bloom of economic doom
the tides turn red the moon
high noon never comes too soon
packs the cannon, plugged ears our real bane
a dammed shame

a dirt-bomb bogs the V-hold
white noise unfolds, beds pitch + roll
the feathers roost from behind
the boggy grog an unjust state of mind
the fog lifts, sings soundtracks in the deep,
deep sleep

from the weathered veins
comes a rain of veils
seasick yet ready to sail
the evening sun sets in labored crows

scared ears don't hear the horizon swell
blackened shells shorn from banks she sells
from hurricaned swamps to the wild, wild west
stet rest


SpqR (12:45)

to deny the muse
her shape-shifting ruse
it's no use, to tether to her tail
to squint thru the feathered eye is not to know a veil

searching for words
to disguise the truth
accuses the sirens of emerging seas
the levee of lies risen past 3 degrees

we wouldn't buy your pork belly shares
if u paid us to
the dividends don't pay in the end
if you're dead in the blue
don't even bother to read the news
u know the score

witches + mermaids take the blame
created by men, to absolve his own sins
an insult to swine to call it punishment
classier mammals wouldn't give a red cent

men of war vs. manatees
stripped to the bone, a fallacy
the bristled kiss duped the homologous fools at sea

[repeat chorus]

obelisks + columns stand ∀ll the same
the shame of names, passed down rattle to cane
sways this way in the decaying maze
every day has it's dogs, cant sustain an upward craze

untie our hands
to feel the pain
what rises up must crash down again
topple the columns + brake the rusted chain



Daily Noose (18:24)

i saw missy masa x 8½

u came back from Asia, aged 12 years
to every 1 of your gap-year-less piers
the wharf expands into a raft boxspring
u ride the rug while your class keeps sleeping

hide your head in the roadside sand
wear earplugs to understand

the babbling language bubbling up from the stream
from the Mekong Delta to the Tigris she bleeds
black to red while skipping blue
u heard the cry of your sweetheart's mews

in a dark garage, your 1st job
wrap rubber bands, around coiled newsprint logs

that u yourself could never be bothered to read

ride a raft rigged of pitch + papyrus in denile down to the sea
red anemones ain't your enemies

the colonel tells us to lick 1 to feel the sting
1st hand, for yourself, otherwise u aint no man

if only you'd followed in his footsteps
u wouldn't have to live with yourself, day to day, year to year

same news delivered from decades ago
to each doorstep back home, to the disposable poor

what for? the horror.... keeps breeding more

every war dons the robes of tyrants disposed
only landscapes degrade + the life she contains
sold on the allure to see the world
that u saw in a brochure, of an exotic tour

to endure the sewer, of the dark, dark cœur

just cuz yo forefathers went before u
on reconnaissance, by dare own recognizance
u herd the birds circling ova yo head
they knew for shore you'd try to retrieve your dead

years of sleepless nights under a ceiling fan
waiting to wake come mourning, to deliver the noose

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