Peter Markus: The Singing Fish

"Peter Markus' gorgeously spare, riverine fables of brotherly sweetness and violence are hypnotic, haunting, and sublime."

—GARY LUTZ, author of Stories in the Worst Way and I Looked Alive


"There is an obsessive quality about Peter Markus' writing that I am obsessed with and a musicality that I cannot get out of my head. The fish are singing and Peter Markus is too."

—MICHAEL KIMBALL, author of The Way the Family Got Away and How Much of Us There Was


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The Singing Fish 

by Peter Markus

ISBN 0-9746053-8-7

© 2005, 88 pages, perfect bound, view cover


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These interwoven tales that make up THE SINGING FISH  are not told, but spun from a primal, almost child-like, source of mythic language--sublimated from the fundamental building blocks of mud, brother, river, girl, moon, fish and a rusted nail.

"From the author of Good, Brother comes The Singing Fish, a fantastic and original book by a fiction writer, teacher and Metro Times freelancer who sees the world exceptionally. These stories of "brother" and "girl" will kick your brain in high gear as you try to figure out how he does it. It's one of the most inventive pieces of fiction written anywhere in America of late."                                                                                                                           Detroit Metro Times

"Very little occurs in a Peter Markus story that does not involve a fish, mud, a brother, and, usually, a concluding act of brutality. Markus's language is primal, even primitive, but his sentence structure is among the most perplexing and, ultimately, fascinating I have ever encountered. Markus serves up sentence after sentence of startling musicality. These aren't stories in any traditional sense; they are works of a prose stylist with the ear of a poet."                  Peter Conners, from review of The Singing Fish in American Book Review


"They enact over and over a story of death and rebirth, of killing fish, their father and each other, and nailing everything they admire the most to the telephone pole in the back yard."                                                                            Dawn McDuffie in Ludington Visiting Writers 

"It is a rare occurrence when a fiction writer can be lauded as a true artist; it is even rarer when such a writer can work his magic in so few pages."        Adam Williams in PopMatters

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Peter Markus reading "What the River Told Us To Do" and "Boy" from The Singing Fish:


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