12/31/05 : ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos reviewed in Barfing Frog.

12/20 : Norman Lock has new work in New England Review

12/18 : ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos, a collaboration of art and text by Carlos Luis and Derek White, is now available from Calamari Press. Work from Retrazos also recently appeared in Double Room, Post Road and Denver Quarterly.

12/17 : I'm pleased to announce that Robert Lopez will be joining me as co-editor for the next Sleepingfish. We will start reading submissions in January 2006. 

12/16 thru 12/21/05 : Ric Royer will be using the roundtrip chapbook Spiritual Turkey Beggar Baste Mechanism & Trapezoidal Juggernaut as an instructional text in the These Are Your Instructions art exhibit/performance in Baltimore. 

12/12 : review of Sleepingfish 0.75 in Boog City, thanks to Brian Clements.

12/12 : review (in the guise of a train travelogue) of George Saunders' The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil posted on 5¢ense

12/12 : some more pieces from James Wagner's forthcoming Trilce appear in the H_NGM_N

12/9 : Peter Markus read at a mud/song/art event with poet William Corbett, musician Langhorne Slim and artist Josh Dorman at the Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn. 

12/6 : review of David Ohle's Motorman (w/pics of Montreal) posted on 5¢ense.

12/1/05 : the first installment of the "Montreal Montage" including reviews of Sentence 3 and Forrest Gander's Eye Against Eye posted on 5¢ense

11/22 : "Is that a fish or an infinity sign on the cover?" --from Sleepingfish 0.75 review on NewPages.

11/21 : review of Echo & the Bunnymen live posted on 5¢ense Reviews.

11/20 : just in time for winter, Land of the Snow Men gets one degree hotter. Get Land of the Snow Men + one additional Calamari title for $12

11/16 : Post Road 11, featuring work from the forthcoming ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos by Carlos M. Luis and Derek White, had their launch party in NYC down the street at Lolita Bar, 266 Broome Street. More info and other cities

11/15 : Peter Markus was chosen to participate in the PEN/Faulkner's Writers in Schools program in Washington, DC. in January 2006. 

11/14 : Peter Markus read with Michael Kellerher at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Detroit. 

11/11 : photos and ramblings of pumpkin chucking and Atlantic City to the score of Thomas Wooten's Tabloid City posted on 5¢ense Reviews.

11/03/05 : some teaser images from James Wagner's forthcoming Trilce posted on 5¢ense Reviews.

10/27 : P.S. At Least We Died Trying to Make You in the Backseat of a Taxidermist now featured at Printed Matter, Inc.

10/20 : Peter Markus' Fish sing in Verse.

10/20 : new work by Derek White in elimae, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Forklift, Ohio, and Cafe Irreal, and an audio track with visual designs by Faruk Ulay in Locus Novus.

10/15 : Calamari Press moved lower and further east. New address: Derek White, 35 Essex St. #7B, New York, NY 10002

10/1/05 : George Belden's Land of the Snow Men is now available.

9/28 : the elusive calamar gigante is photographed for the first time.

9/27 : Peter Markus read in a word and song event with musician Chris Moore at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit. Preview in Metro Times.

9/26/05 : Calamari Press will be publishing James Wagner's Trilce, some excerpts of which appeared in SleepingFish 0.75. Stay tuned.

9/18/05 : inspired treatment of Kamau Brathwaite's new book Born to Slow Horses posted on 5¢ense Reviews.

9/15/05 : review of The Singing Fish and also an interview with Peter Markus posted on Mad Hatter's Review.

9/12/05 : a bunch more independent bookstores have recently been added to the list of bookstores that carry Calamari Press titles and/or SleepingFish. 

8/31 : Peter Markus' The Singing Fish is on Powell's featured Small Press Top 10.

8/28 : excerpts from George Belden's forthcoming Land of the Snow Men appear in Diagram 5.4 and also in the Field Notes of Word For/ Word 8.

8/25 : issue 0.75 of SleepingFish is stocked and now available for public consumption. online preview.

8/15 : George Belden's Land of the Snow Men, which was recently discovered by Norman Lock, will be available in several weeks from Calamari Press. An excerpt was published in the latest elimae.

8/10 : comprehensive review of Calamari Press in New York Press this week. View it online.

8/9 : review of Carlos Luis & Wendy Sorin's TELLTHISMUCH up on 5¢ense Reviews. Geof Huth also reviews Carlos Luis' Traptexts on dbqp.

8/2/05 : SleepingFish issue 0.75 goes to the printers. An online sneak preview is available including additional web-only features. Stay tuned.

7/31 : Peter Markus reading with Joshua Corey at the Cloister Cafe in NYC. [picture of reading]

7/23 : back from Guatemala and Mexico, full "5censory" trip report here. Also posted galleries of Mexican Street Memes and "Mexican Residual Meme Adhesion" as a teaser for the forthcoming SleepingFish 0.75. 

7/12 : Peter Markus reading at Junno's in NYC.

7/6 : Derek White reviews Ander Monson's Other Electrities for NY Press.

7/1/05 : review of Peter Markus' The Singing Fish up on Diagram.

6/24 : Derek White displayed and raffled some of his visual work at the suitcAse magazine launch party at Stain bar, Brooklyn, NY.

6/18 : Peter Markus reading at Athena Bookshop in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

6/15 : Michael Boyko's review of Peter Markus' The Singing Fish is in this week's NY Press as well as online.

6/9 : Norman Lock's review of Peter Markus' The Singing Fish is up on elimae

6/1 : Derek White reviews Daniel Borzutzky's Arbitrary Tales for NY Press

6/1/05 : New work by Derek White in One Less Magazine, Bird Dog, Avatar Review and Aught.

5/25 : review of The Blood Brothers NYC show up on 5¢ense Reviews

5/22 : scientist/photographer Jessica Fanzo launched her website--Check out some of her fine images

5/11/05 : Peter Markus will be reading at Danny's Tavern in Chicago at 7:30--DETAILS

4/30 : review of Kevin Sampsell's Beautiful Blemish in 5¢ense Reviews

4/26 : interview with Peter Markus in Gotham Writer's' Workshop. Another insightful interview with Peter went up at Detroit's Big Productions.

4/19/05 : The Singing Fish by Peter Markus is now available!  Read excerpts and praise.   

3/5 : Visual poetry show at the Durban Segnini gallery, Miami, March 5 to April 5, 2005. Pieces displayed online at Spidertangle.

3/1/05 : new work by Derek White in Prague Literary Review, XCP: Streetnotes, BathHouse, Word Riot, and Instant City.

2/15 : accepting memetic submissions for SleepingFish 0.75 until 6/15/2005. Full guidelines.

2/5/05 : review of Norman Lock's A History of the Imagination in 5¢ense Reviews


10/22/04 : P.S. At Least We Died Trying to Make You in the Backseat of a Taxidermist by Wendy Collin Sorin and Derek White published.

10/03/04 : SleepingFish issue 0.5 published.

4/17/04 : Bodh[i] Circu[it]s / Algae[bra] D[ra[in]] by Derek White published.

3/11/04 : O, Vozque Pulp by Carlos M. Luis and Derek White published.

1/22/04 : SleepingFish issue 0 (inaugural issue) published.

12/15/03 : Spiritual Turkey Beggar Baste Mechanism/Trapezoidal Juggernaut by Sandy Baldwin and Derek White published.

12/15/03 : 23 Text Tiles by Derek White published.

12/1/03 : Mining in the Black Hills by Derek White published.


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