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to support the launch of Hist, Matthew Klane + James Belflower wlll give a host of readings/performances: 10/22 @ Unnameable in Amherst, MA, 10/29 @ Salon Salvage in Troy, NY (w/ Michael Peters and Kelly Krumrie), 11/16 @ PO Box in Chicago, 11/17 @ PS1 in Iowa City (w/ Danika Stegeman Lemay + India Johnson), 11/19 in Minneapolis + others TBA

upcoming 10/1—10/15: Michael Peters will have a sound-image installation @ Community Arts Network of Oneonta, NY

9/22 : Math Class reviewed in Full Stop.

9/1 : HIST by James Belflower + Matthew Klane officially streets.

8//29 : Jesi Buell reviews HIST in Exactling Clam.

8/22 : the newest piece up on Sleepingfish was generated using GPT·3 artificial intelligence.

(8/9 : Psst, HIST is available now if you get it from SPD or direct from Calamari.)

8/1 : book trailer + cover for the forthcoming HIST by James Belflower + Matthew Klane.

7/29 : new on Sleepingfish: «Exercises in Plebs Urbana Pdf Drill (An Excerpt)»

7/8 : Math Class = #7 for June on SPD Fiction bestseller list.

6/30 : Kelly Krumrie read @ Georgia art space in Denver.

6/28 : Calamari is going on a 6-month sabbatical (but still fulfilling orders), follow our exploits (or rather, Yours, since iT's written in 2nd person) on 5cense.

6/26 : (Untitled 1969) by Michel Vachey (translated by S. C. Delaney + Agnès Potier) up on Sleepingfish.

6/22 : Kelly Krumrie's playlist for Math Class on Largehearted Boy.

6/4 : Kelly Krumrie launched Math Class @ Pilsen Community Books in Chicago.

5/27 : Kelly Krumrie's Math Class is available now if you get it direct, or from SPD.

Nat Baldwin released an audio version of The Red Barn (w/ accompanying double-bass) on his cassette label Tripticks Tapes + did some readings in the NE to support the release, 5/14 in Winooski, VT @ Waking Windows Festival, 5/15 in Greenfield MA (the offiicial tape release show, w/ music) @ 10 Forward + 5/19 in Keene NH @ The Thing In the Spring Fest (w/ music on the 20th).

5/11 : The Magic Mountain by Budokan Boys (video directed by Tomek Popakul) is up on Sleepingfish.

5/9 : Robert Lopez is launching a new book—A Better Class of People—tomorrow @ Greenlight books.

5/6 : sneak peek @ cover of Hist by Matthew Klane + James Belflower, which we sent to the printer today.

5/5 : David Nutt launched Summertime in the Emergency Room in Ithaca, NY.

5/3 : Geschichten der übelsten Sorte, the German translation (by Christophe Fricker) of Garielle Lutz's Stories in the Worst Way is available thru Weissbooks.

5/2 : Arbuscules I-V by Morphic Rooms up on Sleepingfish.

5/1 : David Nutt's Summertime in the Emergency Room officially hits the streets!

4/30 : happy 57th B-day 2 Chaulky White, co-author of Textiloma

4/27 : why we quit Twitter, drinking + daily TV

4/26 : Nat Baldwin's The Red Barn is now available on cassette. There's a review of it on Which Sinfonia.

4/18 : updated our 52 desert island books.

4/17 : new on Sleepingfish: excerpt from Tractatus by
Róbert Gál (trans. from the Slovak by David Short).

4/16 : added more bundles to our direↄt seleↄt options, any 5 of your choice for $40, 8 for $50, or omikase style where u pick 1 + we pick 7, for $45.

4/4 : Free the bytes! If u purchase (or purchased) any analog media from Calamari Archive we'll give u anything digital (PDF dbook, MP3 album) free, just add note to paypal or DM/email us which 1 u want.

3/24 : sneak peek @ cover + blurbs for Math Class by Kelly Krumrie (forthcoming 6/15).

3/10 : New on Sleepingfish: «The Rescue of Hist» by Matthew Klane + James Belflower (an excerpt from the forthcoming Hist).

3/4 : thrilled to announce that we'll be publishing Hist, a text/image collaboration by Matthew Klane + James Belflower. Here's an excerpt recently published in Diagram.

3/3 : «Jo considers water’s fractions» (excerpt from Math Class) by Kelly Krumrie up on Sleepingfish.

2/20 : reached post #999 on 5cense... if we published it as a paper-based book it would be 21,087 pages.

2/8 : Ↄalamari Arɔhive earnings report for 2021.

2/5 : the entirety of 3rd BED issue 1 was scanned + posted in Sleepingfish.

2/4 : transcribed journals from 2007 so now 5cense is complete, our entire life online, the being f.k.a. Derek White has become completely anonymous + posthumun.

2/1 : the state of Calamari Archive in 2006 NYC, the year we were litteruley hemorrhaging @ the seams but managed to publish 5 books on top of soul-sucking dayjobs.

1/25 : journal entries from when we launched Calamari Archive posted on 5cense.

1/24 : thoughtful review of Tributaries by BeachSloth.

1/24 : «Beatrice and Bone» by David Nutt up on Sleepingfish.

1/15 : «My Brief Marriage with Raúl» by Joe Aguilar up on Sleepingfish.

1/8 : «Cul de Sac» by Will VanDenBerg up on Sleepingfish.

1/6 : archived our emails from Gian.

1/4/2022 : rebranded 5cense + finished archiving journals from 2000-2001.

12/24/2021 : for their 25th anniversary (as a couple) Sound Furies announce Tributaries, a double album w/ 25 streams, each a tribute to a river.

12/18 : New on Sleepingfish—«Compliance»—a fictional epistolary ekphrasis collaboration by Amy Bassin + Mark Blickley.

12/17 : Tributary #2 = «Niger».

12/10 : Tributary #3 = «Columbia», only 2 trax 2 go b4 all of Tributaries is released.

12/8 : Double feature up on Sleepingfish: «Be Seated» by Michael Martone + «The Skater» by Paul Maliszewski.

12/3 : Tributary #4 = «Dungeness».

11/26 : Tributary #5 of 25 = «Pishon».

11/19 : Tributary #6 = «Gambia».

11/15 : 3 pieces by Meg Tuite up on Sleepingfish.

11/12 : Tributary #7 = «Congo».

11/5 : Track #8 off the forthcoming Tributaries album—«Ayung»—yet another river that runs regardless of us.

11/3 : portfolio of Bologna street art posted on Sleepingfish.

10/29 : finished flâneuring every street of Bologna for our perambulating porticos project.

10/29 : tributary #9 = «Oceanus».

10/22 : Sound Furies tribuatary #10 = «East» + last week's tributary was «Piscataqua».

10/8 : this week's river Sound Furies pay tribute to is «Sandy», a tributary of the Columbia.

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James Belflower + Matthew Klane

Math Class
Kelly Krumrie

Summertime in the Emergency Room
David Nutt

Sound ƒuries


Herd of Birds
Sound ƒuries

4ier X-forms
No One

i.0 + y.0 + iiiiiiiiiii + 4!×
No One

Textiloma; or, The Postmodern Epimetheus
anon I'm us

3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.
Sound ƒuries

Sound ƒuries

Sleepingƒish XIV (mixtape)

the unheard tapes
unknown artist

A Raft Manifest

The Red Barn
Nat Baldwin

J'Lyn Chapman

The Gotham Grammarian
Gary Lutz

Julie Reverb

Chaulky White

The Luminol Reels
Laura Ellen Joyce

The Blast
David Ohle

The City Moon (archived online)

The Static Herd
by Beth Steidle

Travel Notes (From here—to there)
Stanley Crawford

Deep Ellum
Brandon Hobson

Niceties: Aural Ardor, Pardon Me
Elizabeth Mikesch

The Becoming

Sleepingfish 12

The History of Luminous Motion

Scott Bradfield

{ untitled : under the auspices }
sturnus vulgaris

Ark Codex ±0

Sister Stop Breathing

Chiara Barzini

Gary Lutz

A Mortal Affect
Vincent Standley

Boons & The Camp
David Ohle

Blake Butler


David Ohle

Stories in the Worst Way
Gary Lutz

Part of the World
Robert Lopez

The Revisionist
Miranda Mellis

Good, Brother
Peter Markus


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