SleepingFish is published too spontaneously to warrant a full-blown subscription model. However, if you are that enthusiastic, you can at least subscribe to the illusion of completeness.

SleepingFish may never reach issue 1 as it will be always be in the perpetual struggle of getting halfway to the next issue (0 -> 0.5 -> 0.75 -> 0.825 -> etc.). What you can get is the past issues, the present issue, plus the issue planned for the future (Zeno's arrow in a forward state of motion).

What this means in plain English, in the here and now, is that you can get:

 Issue 0


Issue 0.5


Issue 0.75




Issue 0.875


all 4 issues for $30

Of course, you will be kept in the loop when future issues come off the press, and they will be offered at a discount. 

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