Calamari Press goes on sabbatical from Dec. 24 to Jan 8 to witness tree-climbing goats

12/22 : James Wagner, along with Brian Whitener, read in Chicago (at Elastic) as part of the Discrete Series, hosted by Kerri Sonnenberg.

12/20 : another interview with Peter Markus in Dislocate, and he also made the underrated writers of 2006 list.

12/16 : Brother Markus makes Dan Wickett's year-end list of emerging writers on The Millions.

12/7 : review of Poste Restante in Bookslut, though it wasn't Johnny Rotten and Jesus Christ in that story/dream, but Johnny Rotten and this Jesus

12/2 : Steven Fama reviews John Olson's The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat

12/1/06 : The new issue of Tarpaulin Sky guest edited by Selah Saterstrom contains new work and an interview with Peter Markus, as well as an interesting plethora of texts, art, reviews, interviews, and other wonderful oddities.

11/29 : pictures of street art and such from Granada and Seville posted on 5¢ense.

11/29 : Interview with Peter Markus in EconoCulture

11/2 to 12/14 : John Olson will have some of his writings and personal effects exhibited as part of the Take the Cake: Stranger Genius Award Winners exhibit at U. of Washington's Henry Art Gallery .

11/16 : An interesting "review" of Poste Restante is in the new Elimae.

11/3 : Peter Markus read at Pratt in Brooklyn. 

11/1/06 : Kevin Sampsell interviewed me for the Powell's Blog.

10/28 : Nothing Moments will be publishing a collaborative book of James Wagner's work stories along with the responsive artwork of Edgar Arceneaux. Following publication there will be an exhibit at the Angstrom Gallery in LA and a reading and book-signing at MOCA.

10/27 : Peter Markus read along with other PP/FF contributors Peter Conners, Sean Thomas Dougherty and Ted Pelton at the Grosse Pointe Arts Center, Michigan. 

10/16 : Poste Restante is now available.

10/15 : in anticipation of the release of Miranda Mellis' The Revisionist, here's a sneak peak at some of the images from the book.

10/15 : submissions are now being considered for the next Sleepingfish, see guidelines

10/12 : Calamari Press will be publishing Part of the World by Robert Lopez. Watch this space. 

10/12 : The Pushcart nominations are in from Calamari Press. "Boy" from Good, Brother was nominated, as was "The New Neighbors" from The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat. Congratulations to Peter Markus and John Olson. Four more pieces were also nominated from Sleepingfish 0.875.  

10/11 : pictorial meme study from Paris posted on 5¢ense.  

10/02/06 : another text/image object from Poste Restante up on Lamination Colony

9/21 : in association with School of the Art Institute and Powell's, Peter Markus read at Powell's North in Chicago.

9/20 : another text/image piece from Poste Restante in Action Yes! 

9/19 : review of James Wagner's Trilce in Tarpaulin Sky

9/18 : a piece from the forthcoming Poste Restante, up on elimae

9/18 : O, Vozque Pulp and ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos are both reviewed in Sentence 4.

9/16 : Good, Brother hits Powell's small press chart at #2. 

9/16 : Calamari Press on MySpace.

9/16 : Peter Markus read at Bookbeat in Oak Park, Michigan. 

9/11 : Good, Brother by Peter Markus is now available! Check out praise and online samples here. You can pick up a copy online at Powell's or SPD, or if you get it directly through Calamari you can get both Good, Brother and The Singing Fish for $16. 

9/6 : the new Word For/Word #10 not only has some images from my forthcoming Poste Restante, but also has some images and text from Michael Peters forthcoming Vaast B1n: n Ephemerisi

8/31 : Ted Pelton reflects on the refractive qualities of The Singing Fish on Now What. Nate at Dislocate also had some words to say about the fish and the brothers.

8/24 : Norman Lock reviews Mario Bellatin's Chinese Checkers on 5¢ense.

8/12 : big fish (pictures) captured last week in Yucatán.

8/2 : John Olson read with Stephen Paul Martin as part of the Subtext series at the Hugo House in Seattle.

8/1/06 to 8/8 : on a little R&R south of the border.

7/30 : Sleepingfish 0.875 launch Party was at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn, with readings by Anne Pelletier, Christian TeBordo, Dana Kooperman, Doug Martin, Grace Vajda, Joe Salvatore, Jonathon Dixon, Joshua Cohen, and Nelly Reifler. Thanks to all that made it. 

7/27 : Calamari Press titles now available through Small Press Distribution.

7/24 : Land of the Snow Men was reviewed in the recent American Book Review.

7/21 : final installment of Lance Olsen's Anxious pleasures posted on

7/9 : Sleepingfish 0.875 is available for public consumption. 

7/8/ through 8/9 : if you're in the neighborhood of Uruguay, Carlos Luis will be having an exhibit of his collages in Montevideo at the Marte Upmarket Galería de Arte, colón 14 68, ciudad vieja. 

7/3 : Joyelle McSweeney interviews Derek White and Carlos Luis for the Loggernuat Reading Series.

7/2/06 : third online installment of Lance Olsen's Anxious Pleasures posted on

6/24 : James Wagner read at The LAB in San Francisco.

6/24 : cover for Peter Markus' forthcoming Good, Brother.

6/21 : review of Jenny Boully's [one love affair]* posted on 5¢ense.

6/18 : mutti, the second online installment of Lance Olsen's Anxious Pleasures, is now live on

6/13 : Calamari Press gets distribution! Small Press Distribution will now be distributing calamari. 

6/12 : Peter Markus read at a benefit for ACM & Poetry at the Hideout in Chicago.

6/8 : The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat by John Olson is back from the printers. Check it out.

6/6/06 : some pictures that put the concrete back in "concrete poetry" posted on 5¢ense.

6/4 : grete, the first excerpt of five from Lance Olsen's Anxious Pleasures, published online in

6/02/06 : G.S. Evans continues the scholarly exploration of truth in his review of Land of the Snow Men.

5/30 : homepage gets a facelift. And while you're there, sneak a peak at the cover for issue 0.875.

5/27 : if there was ever a mission statement for Calamari Press, this review by Selah Saterstrom in Tarpaulin Sky hits pretty damn close to home.

5/22 : in addition to the move, my computer died a slow and painful death last week, so if you emailed me and I never responded, it may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Try again.

5/9 : Calamari Press moves yet again, from LES to ABC. New postal address after May 15. 

A reading not to be missed! The line-up: Gary Lutz, Dave Hollander, Robert Lopez and Peter Markus. Where? Magnetic Field in Brooklyn. When? May 7th, the day after Brother Derek makes a run for the roses. 

5/2 : Review of Land of the Snow Men by Paula Grenside in the latest Avatar Review.

5/2/06 : Review of The Singing Fish by Dawn McDuffie in Ludington Visiting Writers.

4/30 : Trilce official release. James Wagner came out to NYC to celebrate the launch. April 29 he read at the Tarpaulin Sky/Frequency Series. On Sunday April 30, he read at the Lungfull series. Picture from the Lungfull reading.

4/11 : Calamari Press will be publishing a novella by Miranda F. Mellis, tentatively titled Cutaway. Did I also mention that Calamari will be publishing Michael Boyko's The Hour Sets? Stay tuned for more information on both. 

4/10 : The King and the Cotter-Pin : Norman Lock responds to my Post-Holing piece in Sidebrow. 

4/5 - 4/7/06 : Calamari Press & Sleepingfish at the &NOW Literary Festival in Chicago. Peter Markus, Steve Timm and Michael Peters read/performed and books were on display. Here's some stuff I brought back. 

3/28 : sneak a peak at the cover of John Olson's forthcoming The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat.

3/26 : using images from the exhibition Shoot the Family as a backdrop, Peter Markus read at the Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield, Michigan. 

3/24 : Calamari Press will be publishing Michael Peters' Vaast B1n: n Ephemerisi, an excerpt of which appeared in Sleepingfish. Stay tuned.

3/14 : The Singing Fish is reviewed by Peter Conners in the American Book Review. Here's a scan of it.

3/12 : pseudo 5¢ reviews of James Tate, Aase Berg and Lara Glenum in the guise of Inverse Anthropomorphisms and Animistic Animals

3/8 : the PP/FF anthology edited by Peter Conners is now available from Starcherone books. 

3/7 : James Wagner's Trilce is now available! Preview it here

3/6 : Sleepingfish 0.75 joins The Singing Fish on Powell's Small Press Top 10.

3/4/06 : Peter Markus makes mud in the new Phoebe

2/25 : due to popular demand, Calamari Press will be reissuing Peter Markus' Good, Brother. If you want to be notified when it or other books from Calamari Press are released, click here to add yourself to the email list.

2/16 : Norman Lock reviews Kathryn Rantala's The Plant Waterer on 5¢ense.

2/11/06 : Calamari Press will be publishing The Night I Dropped Shakespeare On The Cat by John Olson. Stay tuned. For those not familiar with John Olson, I recommend you check out his previous collection Oxbow Kazoo. 

1/31 : The Singing Fish bounces off the Thieves Jargon boards

1/30 : new work by James Wagner, Robert Lopez, Derek White and others in the new 5_Trope.

1/27 : The Singing Fish pops some bobbers in PopMatters.

1/23 : ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos reviewed by Joyelle McSweeney in Constant Critic

1/7 : "Review" of Faruk Ulay's Beneath the Shadow of Perpetual Defeat up on 5¢ense.

1/6 : Calamari Press books being used in the classroom this winter : The Singing Fish in the PEN/Faulkner Writers in Schools program in D.C., the University of Georgia and the University of Richmond. P.S. At Least We Died Trying ... at the University of Alabama in 2 classes taught by Joyelle McSweeney. And Land of the Snow Men for a class at Rhode Island College.

1/2 : Sleepingfish is now considering submissions

1/2/06 : review of Earth from 35,000 feet posted on 5¢ense.




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