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12/25 : There's reviews of both Poste Restante and The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat in the current American Book Review.

12/12 : Robert Lopez read with Alexandra Chasin and Eva Talmadge at the Think Coffee / Cup and Pen Series.

12/9 : Jason Jones reviews Part of the World in the current Mid-American Review.

12/7 : I haven't seen it yet, but evidently there is a review of The Singing Fish in the latest ACM.

12/6 : Part of the World was reviewed in the current issue of American Book Review.

12/6 : The Revisionist was reviewed by Mary Cappello in the most recent Women's Review of Books.

12/5 : Peter Markus, Robert Lopez and Derek White were all three translated into Dutch in the latest Deus Ex Machina 122. Some online content is here.

12/3 : Sleepingfish is now considering submissions for the next issue.

12/1 : Michael Peters performed at the Behind the Egg Reading Series in Albany, NY.

12/1 : Miranda Mellis and Norman Lock both have some work in the latest Harp & Altar.

12/1 : Home at last from East African sabbatical. Full details on 5¢ense.

11/2 to 11/30 : Calamari Press was on safari in Africa.

11/18 : Peter Markus and Robert Lopez read at The Cave and Creek in Queens.

11/17 : More updates from the field (Rwanda and Uganda) posted on 5¢ense.

11/11 : First few reports posted from Ethiopia on 5¢ense.

11/7 : Michael Peters will be read/performed with the Be Blank Consort at the Think Coffee / Cup and Pen Series.

11/6 : Book release party for Michael C. Boyko's The Hour Sets at Joli Rouge in Asheville, NC.

11/2 : Vaast Bin reviewed by Giles Goodland in Stride Magazine.

10/29 : Sled Hill Voices: a collaboration with Derek White and Mike Topp.

10/27 : Tao Lin blogged about Part of the World and The Revisionist.

10/21 : The Hour Sets by Michael Boyko is now available.

10/21 : James Wagner's Work Book is available from Nothing Moments.

10/20 : Vids and pics from the Foals show last night on 5¢ense.

10/13 : More reviews from Eat, Sleep & Read!: Sleepingfish 0.9375 and The Singing Fish.

10/7 : Sleepingfish 0.75 is up online in it's entirety as a PDF.

10/6 : An ode to John Olson with a sneak peak at the cover for his upcoming book, Backscatter.

10/6 : The water hasn't cleared, another interview, this one with brother Markus.

10/3 : Must be something in the water, another interview.

10/3 : Interview with Peter Markus on MinimalBooks.

10/2 : There's a review of The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat in the new Sentence 5, along with all sorts of other great stuff including a feature on the prose poem in East Asia.

10/2 : If you missed Miranda Mellis on The Lit Show on WNUR, its up online here.

10/2 : A double dose from the Anglophile, first some words on Vaast Bin, and then she interviewed me.

10/1 : A fine review of Part of the World is up on Rain Taxi.

9/30 : Calamari books are now, or soon to be, available at these cool independent bookstores: Commonwealth Books (Boston), Crescent City Books (New Orleans) and McNally Robinson (NYC).

9/20 : Calamari Press is pleased to announce it will be publishing J'Lyn Chapman's Bear Stories. A few of the Bear Stories were featured in the recent Sleepingfish.

9/19 : Miranda Mellis read at the Radar Reading Series at the SF Main Library.

9/19 : Sneak peak at some of the images from the forthcoming book, The Hour Sets, by Michael Boyko.

9/18 : Blake Butler interviews Robert Lopez in the latest Word Riot.

9/16 : Calamari Press books got some sun at the Brooklyn Book Festival. Thanks to all that stopped by.

9/14 : Michael Peters' Vaast Bin is here. Original artwork from the book is also available for purchase. Check out excerpts, art and a book trailer.

9/10 : Review of Good, Brother in Brooklyn Rail.

9/6 : The Revisionist, Part of the World and Good, Brother were all SPD fiction bestsellers in August.

8/20 : For those that can't afford it or don't want to waste the paper it's printed on, here is an online version of Poste Restante.

8/16 : Ever wonder what makes The Edge's guitar tick? I posted the answer on 5¢ense (hint: it's one letter that starts with e).

8/16 : Miranda Mellis read w/ Kate Schatz at Modern Times in SF.

8/8 : Calamari, and some other NY small presses get some coverage in Time Out New York.

8/1 : Miranda Mellis is serializing a new novel online called Every Day She Makes a New Blue Dog.

7/23 : Michael Peter's Vaast B1n is at the printers. In the meantime here's some swag from it to hold you over.

7/15 : Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA should soon be stocked with some of the older Calamari chapbooks, both in the bookstore and library archive.

7/12 : Images, some moving, of Femi Kuti last night in Central Park posted on 5¢ense.

6/25 : Calamari Press is pleased to announce it will be publishing James Lewelling's Tortoise.

6/23 : Happy summer!

6/21 : Gary Lutz has a new chapbook out by Future Tense Books. Here's the cover and a sort of review.

6/17 : An excerpt from Part of the World is up on Avatar Review.

6/17 : Haven't seen it yet, but there's a review of The Revisionist in the new Rain Taxi (print).

6/15 : Review of The Revisionist in Bookslut.

6/14 : The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat is on last month's SPD bestseller's list, although they have the author listed as Paul Olson, not John Olson. A Beatles Freudian slip? John was always my favorite, not Paul.

6/12 : Now you can search inside most of the Calamari Press books on Amazon. The "surprise me" feature is particularly cool. Oh, and I noticed some of the old chapbooks on there for like $80+. You'd be a fool to pay that when you can get them from me for $3 to $6.

6/8 : Wordless interview with Deron Bauman on 5¢ense.

6/6 : Norman Lock, Gary Lutz and Eugene Marten were at the Issue Project Room, a reading epic enough that Gordon Lish made an appearance. 

6/5 : You can now watch the short movie Good, Brother, based on the book by Peter Markus.

6/4 : The 5¢ense site got a new summer look.

6/2 : James Wagner with Suzanne Stein at Pegasus Books (Downtown) in Berkeley.

5/29 : Take a break from reading and eat some cevicherashi.

5/26 : Sleepingfish 0.9375 launch/ Reading in Denver at Fancy Tiger DIY Boutique. Joshua Marie Wilkinson, duncan b. barlow, Erik Anderson, Noah Eli Gordon, J'Lyn Chapman, and Sarah Veglahn read at the event. Here's some photos that duncan barlow that posted.

5/20 : Sleepingfish 0.9375 launch party at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn. Terese Svoboda, Daniel Borzutzky, Forrest Roth and Andrew Richmond read. Here is a slideshow that never happened from the event.

5/18 : For those who speak Polish, Piotr Siwecki has been kind enough to translate some brother Markus on his Minimalbooks blog.

5/17 : Word is there's an excerpt from The Revisionist in the new (June) Harper's.

5/9 : Video footage from Blonde Redhead's NYC show last night posted on 5¢ense.

4/28 : Sleepingfish 0.9375 is here.

4/27 : Part of the World gets a nod on Codalmo.

4/25 : Haven't seen it yet, but evidently there's a review of Peter Markus Good, Brother in the new Resonance 53.

4/22 : Miranda Mellis was at a group anti-war reading at High Energy Constructs in LA.

4/19 : Miranda Mellis was at T.M.I. in San Diego.

4/10 : A review of Robert Lopez' Part of the World is up on Verse.

4/9 : 5¢ Interview with Noy Holland.

4/6 : Robert Lopez was at Pratt Institute.

4/5 : Some images from The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat and Poste Restante are online in Little Magazine.

4/1 : Review of Poste Restante in The Believer.

3/23 : Miranda Mellis read with Ali Liebegott at Modern Times Bookstore in SF.

3/14 : Robert Lopez read with Nelly Reifler at The Cakeshop

3/13 : Erik Davis has nice things to say about Miranda Mellis' book on his techgnosis site.

3/13 : Some images from The Revisionist were blown out in the new DIAGRAM.

3/12 : There's a review of both Poste Restante and Good, Brother in the new issue 32:2 of New Orleans Review.

3/11 : Book release party for Robert Lopez' Part of the World at Magnetic Field

3/8 : If you are interested in reviewing some Calamari, Cutbank is seeking reviewers.

3/7 : Sandra Huber reviewed Land of the Snow Men in Word for/Word.

3/5 : Robert Lopez' Part of the World is #3 on Powell's Small Press Top Ten.

3/5 : Miranda Mellis' The Revisionist is #10 on SPD Fiction Bestsellers list for February, and a few above that is Encyclopedia, which she edits.

3/5 : Robert Lopez read with Noy Holland at Mo Pitkin's

3/4 : A review of Miranda Mellis' The Revisionist is up on Verse.

3/1 to 3/3 : Calamari Press was at AWP. Thanks to all that came by and supported us.

2/24 : If you live in the Providence, RI area, Ada Books seems like a cool place to get books, and they now carry Calamari.

2/24 : Miranda Mellis read at Skylight books.

2/23 : Kiwi Fisherman Land Colossal Squid: "One expert said calamari rings made from it would be like tractor tyres." 

2/22 : Congratulations to Peter Markus for landing his next book Bob, or Man on Boat with Dzanc Books. 

2/21 : The Economy of Words: Calamari Press/Sleepingfish Earnings Report for 2006.

2/21 : Robert Lopez read with Brian Evenson at the New School, to celebrate the launch of his forthcoming novel, Part of the World

2/16 : Part of the World by Robert Lopez is now available. I also put an excerpt from it up on 5¢ense

2/11 : Secret pre-sale! Due to a technical glitch, the first five people to get Robert Lopez' Part of the World from Powell's will get it for only $12 (regularly $17). 

2/11 : a few words (5) with Gary Lutz on 5¢ense.

2/4 : Last 2 reports from Morocco on 5¢ense.

2/2 : Ellen Twadell reviews Olson's The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat in Rain Taxi

2/1 : Peter Markus read on the same bill as his musical brother Chris Moore in Brooklyn at Southpaw.

1/27 : Peter Markus was chosen again to participate in the PEN/Faulkner Writers in Schools program, this year in Kansas City. 

1/26 : Norman Lock read with Terese Svoboda and Deb Olin Unferth at KGB Bar in NYC.

1/26 : Oh, and the new Double Room 7 also has, as Ted Pelton himself defines it, a "bad review" of The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat. Is it the book that's bad, or the review? And why is that even literary types can't spell Calamari? 

1/24 : The Revisionist by Miranda Mellis is now available!  

1/24 : new work by Peter Markus, Robert Lopez and John Olson in the new Double Room 7.

1/22 : Congratulations to Peter Markus for being named the Detroit Urban Writer in Residence 2007

1/20 : Posted the second installment of the Morocco field report: Berber Belly Dancing & Barbary Ape pics and even some video clips, and gave 5¢ense a facelift and a new sever.

1/15 : Even if you have a print copy of Poste Restante, these online versions of some of the images just posted in the new Unlikely 2.0 do them better justice. 

1/13 : Miranda Mellis read along with Laynie Browne and Sara Jaffe at Artifact in San Francisco. 

1/12 : Here's some of what we saw, smelt, ate, heard and felt in Morocco. More to come.

1/9 : A piece from Poste Restante made work of the day on Dan Wickett's Emerging Writer's Network.

1/9/2007 : Norman Lock read with Sabrina Orah Mark at the Hugo House in Seattle in a Ravenna Press and Cranky sponsored event.

Calamari Press was on sabbatical from Dec. 24 to Jan 8 to witness tree-climbing goats



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