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12/19/13 : Trailer & blurbs for Niceties.

12/13 : Ohle's Motorman reviewed in Revista Ñ.

12/6 : The Becoming & Niceties reviewed in Bookmunch.

11/19 : Peter Markus is teaching his online fiction workshop this winter. Contact us for details.

11/7 : Write-up of Sleepingfish & other lit journals in Poets & Writers.

10/31 : Ark Codex pages featured in new Map Literary.

10/24 : Peter Markus in action on PBS NewsHour.

10/21 : Sneak peek at the covers for the forthcoming Deep Ellum & Niceties.

10/18 : More online samplings from Sleepingfish 12 by Elizabeth Mikesch, Daisy Atterbury & Rosaire Appel.

10/13 : excerpt from The Becoming in 3:AM Magazine.

10/11 : Official Calamari Press 10-year anniversary (that we documented here).

10/10 : From Sleepingfish 12, works by Scott Bradfield and Gary Lutz posted online. More to come.

9/27 : Chiara Barzini discusses her Sister Stop Breathing in The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review.

9/24 : Texts from Ark Codex folio 0:1 up on Keyhole.

9/22 : Calamari Press was at the Brooklyn Book Festival

9/10 : Brandon Hobson interviews Scott Bradfield on The Believer Logger.

9/4 : Blake Butler interviews Gary Lutz for Vice. Butler also profiled in Al Jazeera.

8/27 : Thoughtful engagement with The History of Luminous Motion on Grid Politics.

8/27 ... add to the below list of Calamari forthcoming: Laura Ellen Joyce & Beth Steidle. Stay Tuned.

8/25 : What to expect in 2014 from Calamari (so far) ... books by Elizabeth Mikesch, Stanley Crawford & Brandon Hobson.

8/25 : Got some more copies of (the otherwise out of print) ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos available for $5 ... as long as they last.

8/23 : The Becoming primer for the perplexed.

8/21 : Derek White interviewed by Mark Thwaite for ReadySteadyBook.

8/21 : Gary Lutz's Partial List of People to Bleach has been re-issued in expanded paperback/hardcover by Future Tense.

8/15 : The Becoming has become.

8/10 :Weston Cutter reviews The History of Luminous Motion for Corduroy Books.

8/9 : Scott Bradfield's Book Notes on Largehearted Boy.

8/2 : The History of Luminous Motion reviewed in Strange Horizons.

8/1 (thru 9/1) : under the auspices & Trilce (& other erasures, homophonic translations, performance & list poems) are 40% thrur SPD's BEACH reading sale.

7/25 : The Becoming is at the printer & should be available in a few weeks. Apologies for the delay for those who pre-ordered it.

7/25 : Ark Codex ±0 is now available thru Printed Matter.

7/30 : Sleepinfish 12 & The History of Luminous Motion are now available thru Amazon.

7/17 : The History of Luminous Motion by Scott Bradfield is now available directly & in dbook form.

7/17 : Ark Codex as muated goat—interview with Nance Van Winckel n Numéro Cinq.

6/13 : Norman Lock & Matt Bell read at Community Bookstore in Brooklyn.

6/12 : sneak peek at the cover for Sleepingfish 12 & art from The Becoming on 5cense.

6/12 : Motorman now available in Spanish (strangely, with a tomato soup can on the cover) through Periférica.

6/3 : 3 shorts by Chiara Barzini in Dazed & Confused.

5/31 : Gary Lutz, John Haskell, Ken Sparling, Robert Kloss & Amber Sparks at Unnameable books in Brooklyn.

5/28 : sneak peek of art created for Sleepingfish 12.

5/9 : Calamari Press is pleased to announce that we will be re-issuing The History of Luminous Motion by Scott Bradfield. Stay tuned ...

5/6 : Sleepingfish is closed for submissions (stay tuned for issue 12), but Calamari Press is now open to new book ideas.

4/11 : Calamari Press is now offering 'Chef's Selection' packages of 5 & 8. 

4/1 : Excerpt from the forthcoming The Becoming in Tarpaulin Sky.

3/25 : Gary Lutz in conversation with Ross Simonini, as part of An Evening with The Believer at Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn. [Recap in WSJ]

3/14 : Compiled this handy Calamari/Sleepingfish author/artist index.

3/6-9 : Calamari Press was at AWP in Boston [recap on 5cense].

2/26 : excerpt from Ark Codex in Sidebrow.

2/25 : Sneak peek at the cover for the forthcoming THE BECOMING.

2/18 : Some sad news, Carlos M. Luis died earlier this month.

2/15 : Kim Ki-Duk endoreses Calamari Press?

2/11 : Sleepingfish is now considering submissions for a special 10th year anthology issue.

2/6 : Cal A. Mari takes inventory & considers an archival name change on 5cense.

1/27 : Calamari Press is back in the American saddle & fulfilling orders directly.

1/15 : While we were traveling, an excerpt from Ark Codex ±0 went up on Knee-jerk.

1/11 : 3 shorts from Sister Stop Breathing in Sidebrow.

1/7 : James Wagner has a new review site & his 4th reading is of the book where birds are the words.

1/6/13: Calamari Press has officially relocated back to NYC (& returns to the American convention of displaying dates).



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