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12/27 : Divorcer reviewed in in Numéro Cinq.

12/26 : Divorcer reviewed in The Nervous Breakdown.

12/20 : excerpt from Ark Codex 0:2 in Trickhouse 14.

12/19 : Sneak peek at cover, structure & theory behind Ark Codex ±0.

12/13 : Gary Lutz interviewed in the Paris Review. Also, the Divorcer review in Bookforum is now online.

12/13 : To commemorate the South Pole 100th anniversary, the e-book version of the journals of George Belden (who claimed to be on Sir Scott's ill-fated expedition) is free for the asking.

12/8 : Ark Codex 0.2.50—53 on decomP.

12/3 : Sister Stop Breathing is being inked.

1/29 : Sneak peek at cover, blurbs, etc. for Chiara Barzini's Sister Stop Breathing.

11/22 : The sold-out 3rd bed issue 4 is now available as a PDF eBook.

11/20 : There are reviews of Gary Lutz' Divorcer in the latest Review of Contemporary Fiction & Bookforum.

11/15 : Sleepingfish X is complete, with contributions by Vincent Standley, Gary Lutz, Miranda Mellis, Ono Emiliani, Luca Arnaudo, Daniel Grandbois, Fidel Sclavo, Erik Anderson, Darby Larson, Jim Fisher, Dakota Crane, James Lewelling, Jamie Iredell, Marguerite W. Sullivan, Daisy Atterbury & Blake Butler.

11/13 : the body itself radically non-Cartesian by Daisy Atterbury on Sleepingfish X.

11/9 : A Mortal Affect reviewed in decomP.

11/9 : Divorcer reviewed in The Rumpus.

10/31 : Blake Butler bakes a Cake on Sleepingfish.

10/29 : Vincent Standley's A Mortal Affect reviewed by Tobias Carroll in Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

10/29: a conversation between Gary Lutz, Mary Caponegro & Tim Horvath in Gigantic.

10/21 : How He Came to Belong by Marguerite W. Sullivan posted to Sleepingfish X.

10/18 : 3rd bed #5 reviewed on Big Other.

10/17 : Divorcer reviewed in Esoterrorist.

10/11: VI by Jamie Iredell on Sleepingfish X.

10/7 : excerpt from Suicide by James Lewelling on Sleepingfish X.

10/6 : Sleepingfish 0.9375 reviewed on Big Other (also now available as eBook)

10/5 : Mise En Abyme by Stephen Gropp-Hess on Sleepingfish X.

10/4 : David Winters reviews Lutz's Divorcer on 3:AM.

10/3 : Pinocchio uncensored on 5cense.

10/1 : Gian Di plays host to Lutz on Vice.

9/28 : Peter Markus has a new book, We Make Mudmud, culminating the mud trilogy. He also has no news today on brother Lopez's site.

9/26 : belated i know, but just noticed this review of Marsupial in Front Porch.

9/17 : Dennis Cooper loves Lutz's Divorcer.

9/16 : A Trinary View of the Cryptodynamic Hyperlith by Dakota Crane on Sleepingfish X.

9/15 : Kevin Sampsell interviews Gary Lutz for The Rumpus.

9/15 : Ark Codex 0:1:16 – 0:1:21 on The New Post-Literate.

9/14 : Four Identities by Jim Fisher on Sleepingfish X.

9/13 : Eric Lindley reviews Divorcer on HTMLGiant.

9/7 : Pigs by Darby Larson on Sleepingfish X.

9/3 : excerpt from The Glass Wall by Erik Anderson on Sleepingfish X.

9/2 : The Revisionist reviewed on Big Other.

8/29 : 4 texts by Daniel Grandbois & 3 images by Fidel Sclavo on Sleepingfish X.

8/27 : Gary Lutz read with Christopher Boucher at Awesome Books in Pittsburgh.

8/24 : Divorcer by Gary Lutz is back from the printer & available now.

8/16 : Vaast Bin, Trilce, Land of the Snow Men & Sleepingfish 0.75 are now available as eBook.

8/14 : Lutz's Divorcer previewed at Big Other (with a partial list of words to expect).

8/12 : art by Ono Emiliiani posted to Sleepingfish X.

8/6 : 6 pg excerpt from Ark Codex folio 0:5.

8/5 : J.A. Tyler reviews ma(I)ze Tassel Retrazos in Big Other.

8/4 : A Mortal Affect by Vincent Standley is now available.

8/3 : Gary Lutz interviewed in Fiddleback.

8/3 : Divorcer by Gary Lutz is at the printer.

7/30 : I'll Revise Honestly by Miranda Mellis [a homophonic translation of the Italian translation of her own The Revisionist] up on Sleepingfish X.

7/25 : J.A. Tyler reviews The Singing Fish on the Big Other.

7/24 : The Revisionist, The Hour Sets & Sleepingfish ZZZ now available as eBooks.

7/23 : Sleepingfish X seeded with works by Vincent Standley & Gary Lutz.

7/16 : Gary Lutz interviewed in 3:AM.

7/14 : Gary Lutz will be reading with Mary Caponegro & Tim Horvath as part of the Soda Series in Brooklyn.

7/6 : A Mortal Affect by Vincent Standley is at the printer.

6/29 : excerpts from Ark Codex 0 in DIAGRAM & also jwmm.

6/27 : a few more titles available as Ebook: Ever, Tortoise, Marsupial & Poste Restante.

6/9 : Greg Gerke interviews Gary Lutz in Big Other.

5/7 : 8-page excerpt from Ark Codex 0:2.

5/5 : Chiara Barzini read with Brandon Hobson & Diane Williiams at The Center for Fiction in NYC.

4/14 : Calamari Press is pleased to announce it will be publishing A Mortal Affect by Vincent Standley, likely around mid-2011 or so.

3/21 : NOON 2011 features work from both Gary Lutz & Chiara Barzini from new books forthcoming from Calamari.

3/21 : some reviews & interviews in anticipation of Blake Butler's new book forthcoming from Harper Perennial.

3/19 : excerpt [0:2:] from ARK CODEX 0 on 5cense.

3/13 : a few of the Calamari titles (Sleepingfish 8, Boons & The Camp, Stories in the Worst Way & Motorman) are now available as PDF eBook for $5. If there's enough interest others will become available.

3/13 : Calamari Press/Sleepingfish annual «Economy of Words» report.

2/5 : review of Sleepingfish 8 on NewPages.

1/30 : if you're in the area of Rome, Derek White is showing some of his work at Atelier gallery in Monti (via Panisperna 236).

1/27/11 : in addition to Sister Stop Breathing by Chiara Barzini & ARK CODEX 0, Calamari Press is pleased to anounce it will be publishing Divorcer by Gary Lutz in 2011 (or early 2012). Updated print catalog for 2011.


11/27 thru 12/15: in conjunction with the CTRL+C Festival, Derek White exhibited Calamari Press book objects & some of the original art that went into them at Spazio Meme in Carpi, Italy.

12/1 : the last 2 pieces of Sleepingfish iX posted: 6 images by Ragnhildur Jóhannsdóttir & The Rubber Match by Robert Lopez.

11/1 :Stories in the Worst Way, Motorman & Ever make SPD's Top Ten fiction for September.

10/18 : 10 images by David-Baptiste Chirot posted to Sleepingfish iX.

an excerpt from Stitches of Light by Michael Zell (10/13) & Bodies and Departments by Jack Boettcher (9/20) posted to Sleepingfish iX.

9/14 : h0ME(o\v/o)ID sequence [seeding for ∀RK Côd∃X] on 5¢ense.

Deep into the Water, a short film by Elisa Mishto (9/13), Crimped, Gunwales Under by Heather Palmer (9/18), The University Pub by Anthony Mariani (8/31), 5 images by Simone Pelligrini (8/25), A Study of Language Transients by duncan b barlow (8/20) & The Shepherd by Luca Arnaudo (8/10) posted to Sleepingfish iX.

8/6 : Belated I know, and perhaps un-American, but here's a sort of micropress [anti]-manifesto thing that was in American Book Review.

8/3 : write-up on Sleepingfish 8 by E. Spero for SPD staff picks.

8/2 : artwork by Derek White [including many of the original Calamari designs] posted here.

7/22 : Sleepingfish iX seeded with works marc t. wise, Jasmine Golestaneh, Chiara Barzini & Carla Rak.

7/2 : Sleepingfish featured along with some other American lit journals [Conjunctions, Noon, Fence, etc.] in a big glossy Italian magazine called XL. Viva la Rivoluzoine!

6/26 : J.A. Tyler has taken on the generous & ambitious task of reviewing every Calamari title on the Big Other—he's up to 7 of 39 [The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat].

6/26 : Sleepingfish is now open to submissions for the next [iX] issue/series.

6/17 : SPD is giving 30% off all fiction titles through the end of June. If you need suggestions here's their top 50 bestsellers of the past year (of which 6 are Calamari Press).

6/6 : massive decomposition of Blake Butler by David Rylance.

5/10 : Calamari inventory shipped to Rome. Books now available through SPD (& Amazon, etc.) or directly via P.O.D. (print-on-demand).

3/18 : Peter Markus read with Susan Messer & Michael Zadoorian at Marygrove College in Detroit.

3/3 : Rain Taxi & Franklin Art Works presented a special reading in Minneapolis by Miranda Mellis in conjunction with an art exhibit by Megan Vossler inspired by The Revisionist.

2/7 : Rachel Galvin gives Wagners Trilce a proper treatment in Zoland Poetry Review.

2/6 : Sleepingfish 8 launch party celebrating Calamari Press's move to DUMBO.

1/18 : Angela Stubbs reviews EVER on The Collagist.

1/15 : Motorman (#3), Stories in the Worst Way (#7), Ever (#24), Boons & The Camp (#38) & Good, Brother (#39) all made SPD's Best-selling Fiction 2009.

1/15 : Calamari Press moves Down Under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn.

1/1/10 : Sleepingfish 8 is now available. Special online features include a linear narrative formed from sentences from each author in issue 8 & a setlist of music from current & past sleepingfigh contributors.



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