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12/24/09 : posted the «SPQR P.S.» series [a postscript in collage/frottage to Poste Restante] on 5cense.

12/12 : "S.P.Q.R. V." series of collage/frottage [by Derek White] & the process behind them posted on 5cense.

11/20 : Michael Kimball interviews Robert Lopez in The Faster Times.

11/13 : Tobias Carroll reviews Boons/The Camp in Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

10/31 : Matt Bell interviews Norman Lock in The Collagist.

Robert Lopez read 3 times in the NYC area: 10/27 at Pacific Standard in Brooklyn, 10/28 at McNally Jackson & 10/29 at the Bowery Poetry Club.

10/26 : David Ohle's pair of novellas, Boons & The Camp, are now available.

10/26 : Kim Parko talks about Blake Butler's Ever & Shane Jones's Light Boxes & asks them some questions in the latest DIAGRAM.

10/24: Norman Lock, Joanna Ruocco & Gary Lutz were at Barbes in Brooklyn.

10/17 : Miranda Mellis read at Litquake.

10/14 : Michael Peters read at the &Now conference in Buffalo followed by a Vaast Bin installation on 10/15 & 10/16.

9/25 : 4 Calamari books in SPD Jun-Aug bestsellers.

9/23 : Congratulations to Blake Butler on his 2-book deal with Harper Perennial!

9/12 - 9/20 : Blake Butler, Robert Lopez and Sam Ligon were on tour supporting new books.

9/9 : Calamari Press 2009 Print catalog is now available. Get yourself one by printing the PDF (in order) then fold and staple along spine. Or contact me for one. Note many titles have been reduced in price up to 33% when purchasing directly through Calamari (online or via mail).

9/8 : Double review of Blake Butler's Ever & Matt Bell's The Collectors up on Bookslut.

9/4 : Robert Lopez profiled in L Magazine.

9/3 : Michael Kimball interview with Gary Lutz.

9/1 : AD Jameson reviewed Blake Butler's EVER in The Review of Contemporary Fiction.

8/31 : Calamari inventory is now back in NYC. Big thanks to Peter Markus for holding down the fort during the Africa hiatus.

8/20 : Gary Lutz read w/ Jim Krusoe at St. Marks in NYC.

8/11 : Please consider supporting Peter Markus & the InsideOut Literary Arts Project now and the Community Foundation of SE Michigan will do a 50% match.

7/28 : review of Lutz's Stories in the Worst Way in Identity Theory.

7/27 : in anticipation of the forthcoming pair of novellas by David Ohle, here's some images and video inspired by and for Boons & The Camp.

7/2I : Now considering submissions for the next issue of Sleepingfish, issue 8, co-edited with Gary Lutz.

7/14 : Motorman and Stories in the Worst Way come in at #2 and #3 on SPD's bestseller list for spring 09.

Blake Butler is on tour with the Dollar Store Show, with early July dates in Nashville, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia,... and Blake's Scorch Atlas is coming very soon from Featherproof.

6/28 : Blake Butler's Ever makes Dennis Cooper's mid-year top-15 list.

6/15 : Robert Lopez, Eugene Marten and some other fine folks will be reading at the Unsaid Launch Party at KGB.

5/30 : Nairobi tentacle of Calamari repatriated back to NYC, for the time being.

5/30 : Review of Peter Markus's work on Christopher Vola's blog.

4/16 : Gary Lutz read at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

4/13 : Speaking of novellas, John Maderas has compiled these incredible fave lists from other writers. Blake Butler's Ever was on quite a few lists, as was The Revisionist, Land of the Snow Men and Tortoise.

4/9 : We are thrilled to announce that we will be publishing a pair of novellas by David Ohle. Here's an excerpt from one of them to whet your beak, er, bill.

4/7 : Ever-insightful interview with Blake Butler in Eclectica.

3/29 : Blake Butler in Boston at Dirty Water Readings for Quick Fiction/Black Ocean w/ Zach Schomburg.

3/9 : Blake Butler in Providence at Ada Books w/ Mike Young and Claire Donato.

3/8 : Blake Butler in Northampton w/ Rachel B. Glaser, etc.

3/7 : Blake Butler in Providence for Keyhole 6 w/ Kim Chinquee.

3/5 : EVER book launch party. Blake Butler, Robert Lopez and Gary Lutz read at Word Books in Brooklyn. Clips from the event: Lutz, Butler.

3/4 : Miranda Mellis @ Get Lost Books, SF.

2/27 : The reissue of Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz is back from the printers.

2/21 : Blake Butler read with Shane Jones and others at 510 Readings in Baltimore.

2/19 : Michael Kimball interviews Blake Butler on elimae.

2/18 : I've been sort of MIA for the past few weeks, sorry, but Blake Butler's EVER has been getting some good press lately, in the likes of Large Hearted Boy, North Punk, Clusterflock, Exoskeleton, HTMLGiant, etc. To keep up with it all, you'd best follow Blake's blog.

2/12 : Blake Butler, Peter Markus, Robert Lopez and a host of others read at Quickies.

1/28 : The final piece in the zzz ><()*> N series is up: How To by Aaron Burch.

1/22 : an excerpt from Melampus by Brandon Hobson is up on zzz ><()*> N.

1/20 : Six asemic pieces by Marco Giovenale posted on zzz ><()*> N.

1/15 : double bolted doors by sandy florian posted on zzz ><()*> N.

1/14 : Blake Butler's EVER is officially in the house, on his 30th birthday no less.

1/11 : Bait by Brian Beise posted on zzz ><()*> N.

01/06/09 : Where I Stay (excerpt) by Andrew Zornoza posted on zzz ><()*> N.


12/18/08 : Holland, 1660 by Jimmy Chen posted on Sleepingfish.

12/17 : Miranda Mellis reads from The Revisionist on KQED.

12/6 : Eugene Lim of Ellipsis Press was gratious enough to tote and monger Calamari and 3rd bed book objects, along with his Ellipsis ones to the Small Press Book Fair in NYC.

12/5 : Two more posted in Sleepingfish N series, one by Ravi Mangla and another by Fortunato Salazar.

12/3 : If you're chomping at the bit, Blake Butler's Ever is available for pre-order straight from the horse's mouth. There's also a 10-part interview with the horse's mouth on Rauan Klassnik's blog: 1, 2, 3, etc...

12/1 : Move On by Uche Peter Umez posted on Sleepingfish N.

11/28 : Video posted of Peter Markus reading two stories from The Singing Fish.

11/28 : Book trailer and images from Blake Butler's forthcoming Ever.

11/25 : Four instructions for children's games by Mathias Svalina posted on Sleepingfish.

11/12 : The Fireman and the Caper by Justin Dobbs is up on Sleepingfish.

11/11 : Calamari Press HQ relocating to Rome?

11/10 : Peter Markus read at Ada Books in Providence.

11/7 : Two by Shane Jones were posted to the Sleepingfish N series.

11/3 : Peter Markus read with Renee Gladman at Eastern Michigan University's Dreamland Theater.

10/15 : Three by Kim Parko were posted to the Sleepingfish N series.

10/14 : The first Calamari book is now available on Kindle: The Singing Fish by Peter Markus.

10/13 : The webbed incarnation of Sleepingfish has been seeded with pieces by James Reich and J.A. Tyler.

10/12 : Interview with Peter Markus on WDET, Detroit.

9/28 : Sleepingfish is now considering submissions for it's next webbed and international issue.

9/25 : Review of Michael Peters and Erik Carlson's performance of Vaast Bin in Brooklyn Rail.

9/14 : Calamari Press was at the Brooklyn Book Festival.

8/29 : Eugene Lim says some things about Marsupial.

8/22 : According to Poets & Writers, there are no pigs in the Calamari stable! True indeed, though plenty of fish, bears, tortoises and marsupials.

8/15 : A. D. Jameson reviewed Tortoise in the Review of Contemporary Fiction.

8/15 : Review of The Hour Sets in Stride Magazine.

8/12 : The InsideOut Literary Arts Project has been fostering literary arts among Detroit youth since 1995. It has also been the day job for Peter Markus since its inception. They are currently raising funds, please help support InsideOut and in the process support brother Markus in this important work he does.

8/8 : the Nairobi tentacle of Calamari Press is more or less situated. We are also pleased to announce that we will be publishing Blake Butler's Ever.

7/20 : Michael Peters performed at the Bowery Poetry Club.

7/19 : Jess and Derek's goatless send-off in Central Park. Our final days in NYC were chronicled here.

Peter Markus came to NYC: 7/16 at The Cakeshop (Mixer Reading Series) and 7/17 at McNally Robinson.

7/15 : Blake Butler reviewed Marsupial on his blog.

7/12 : The bulk of Calamari inventory is somewhere in limbo between NYC and Michigan.

7/11 : Jacob Eichert review The Revisionist in the new American Book Review.

7/5 : Michael Jonik reviews the Vaast Bin machine.

7/3 : Erik Davis reviews Marsupial.

6/30 : Sleepingfish issue zzz launch party was at Barbes in Brooklyn. Rick Moody, Dave Hollander and Kate Hill Cantrill all read. See what went down.

6/26 : Peter Markus will be reading with Kristin Palm in Detroit at MOCAD.

6/21 : Marsupial by Derek White now available.

6/21 : 3rd bed titles are now available through Calamari Press! This includes back issues of 3rd Bed, Motorman by David Ohle, the false sun recordings by James Wagner and Stories in the Worst Way by Gary Lutz.

6/17 : Il revisionista, the Italian version of The Revisionist by Miranda Mellis, is now available from Nutrimenti.

6/16 : Excerpt from the forthcoming Marsupial in Cafe Irreal. Two other excerpts are in current Harp & Altar.

6/15 : Both Robert Lopez and Miranda Mellis made the Believer Book Award reader survey long list.

6/7 : Marsupial is due back from the printer any day. In anticipation, here's the cover and opening excerpts.

6/5 : Peter Markus' Bob, or Man on Boat is due out any day. You can read the beginning here, or read an interview here.

6/1 : While we are saddened by the folding of 3rd Bed, we are pleased and honored to announce that we will be keeping the 3rd Bed imprint titles in print. Watch this space...

5/20 : Michael Boyko read at Malaprops in Asheville.  

5/15 : Pics and vids of Norcal roadtrip on 5¢ense.

5/15 : Miranda Mellis read with Sara Rosenthal in the Red Rover Series at the Spare Room.

5/13 : Sleepingfish ZZZ is now available.

5/12 : insightful review of Out of the Land of the Snow Men in Five Star Literary Stories, nominated by Cooper Renner and reviewed by Kay Sexton.

5/9 : Miranda Mellis read with Dawn Lundy Martin at Small Press Traffic in San Francisco.

5/5 : Blake Butler interviewed J'Lyn Chapman in Bookslut.

5/1 : Interview with Venus Bogardus up on 5¢ense.

4/27 : Sneak peak of the cover of the next Sleepingfish and who's in it.

4/14 : There's a review of Tortoise in the new elimae, and also an interview with James Lewelling.

4/13 : I'm pleased to announce that Peter Markus is joining me at the helm of the Calamari boat. Come July, I will be shipping off to Nairobi, so think of Peter as your U.S. representative. Welcome Peter.

4/11 : Forrest Roth reviews Bear Stories for Art Voice.

4/9 : There's a review of Part of the World in The Review of Contemporary Fiction Vol. XXVII.

3/26 : Robet Lopez and Miranda Mellis read at McNally Robinson in NYC. Videos of the reading on 5cense.

3/21 : Seeds, Fertilizer & Credit. Calamari Press earnings report 2007.

3/16 : Robet Lopez read at Staind Bar in Brooklyn as part of the Salon NYC series.

3/16 : review of Boyko's The Hour Sets by Brandon Hobson in the new elimae.

3/11 : a peregrinating response to Deb Olin Unferth's Minor Robberies on 5¢cense.

3/3 : Angela Stubbs interviewed me for Bookslut.

3/2 : Sleepingfish goes public, becomes billion dollar industry.

3/1 : The Revisionist is short-listed for The 2007 Believer Book Award.

2/21 : Part of the World on Eat, Sleep & Read.

2/18 : Tortoise by James Lewelling is now available.

2/16 : In anticipation of James Lewelling's Tortoise, here's an excerpt.

2/14 : Some of the stories from Land of the Snow Men are translated into Japanese in the current Paper Sky.

2/11 : Review of Vaast Bin in Midwest Book Review.

2/11 : Geof Huth made some noise about Michael Peters on his dbqp site, with some videos even.

2/10 : Blake Butler also had some things to say about Tortoise.

2/8 : There's a review of James Lewelling's Tortoise in Brooklyn Rail. Though I haven't had time to officially let it loose to the world. If you're chomping at the bit for it, email me and I'll hook you up.

2/7 : Robert Lopez read with Alexandra Chasin at the Community Bookstore in Park Slope.

1/30 to 2/2 : Calamari Press was at AWP in NYC. Thanks to everyone who came by.

1/26 : Kawade Shobo Shinsha will be publishing Norman Lock's Land of the Snow Men in Japanese.

1/25 : Michael Peters read/performed at the UAG Gallery.

1/23 : Unsaid Release Party at Great Lakes in Brooklyn, featuring a bunch of good folk including Robert Lopez.

1/13 : Interview in Minimal Books (in English). They also translated a piece from Poste Restante into Polish.

1/9 : Mooring the Vaast Bin: a kinetic soundscape to accompany Michael Peters' book.

1/8 : Bear Stories by J'Lyn Chapman is now available.

1/6 : in anticipation of J'Lyn Chapman's forthcoming Bear Stories, here's some swag to tie you over.

1/5 : Michael Peters read at the Carriage House in Baltimore as part of the i.e. reading series.

1/1/2008 : Happy New Year. In lieu of a best of 2008 list, I give you my version of field-tested books.




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