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12/30/17 : The unheard tapes is now available. Thru January 2018 the cassette version will ship from the U.S., after that it will ship from Italy.

12/24 : Calamari Archive is defecting back to Rome next month. Please help us liquidate our inventory by getting a chef's selection, or contact us for overstocked books available for $2.

12/1 : Index of the Nameless by Salvatore Fendano up on Sleepingfish.

11/15 : Calamari Archive is now putting out music in cassette format, starting w/ the unheard tapes. The cassette will be available ~Jan 15, 2018, but in the meantime you can preview it on bandcamp (or get the digital version).

11/15 : Unit 4 of The Gotham Grammarian is online.

10/12 : A Raft Manifest launches from Rome.

10/11 : The Red Barn reviewed in deComp.

10/4 : The Rolodex Happenings by Guy Sutter up on Sleepingfish.

10/1 : Unit #3 of The Gotham Grammarian is online.

9/19 : Robert Lopez + Peter Markus in conversation in Fanzine.

9/19 : Peter Markus + Robert Lopez in conversation in Fanzine.

9/17 : Calamari Archive was at the Brooklyn Book Festival, sharing table #449 w/ Black Sun Lit.

9/9 : Dennis Cooper loves A Raft Manifest.

9/5 : 3 of Derek White's cassette releases from the late '80s have been archived on 5cense: The Ethereal Aether, Whorl + Starfisheye.

9/1 : The 2nd Unit (of 7) of The Gotham Grammarian is online.

9/1 : Circuit up on Sleepingfish.

8/27 : Kevin Ryan reviews The Gotham Grammarian.

8/6 : The first unit (of seven) of The Gotham Grammarian (unabridged) is now online. The other six will be serialized once a month.

8/3 : The Thing Speaks for Itself up on Sleepingfish.

7/27 : As of today, Calamari Archive + Sleepingfish will only publish anonymous or pseudonymous works.

7/25 : Sent A Raft Manifest to the printer. In the meantime here's chapter 12 up on Sleepingfish.

7/13: Nat Baldwin read at the Pitchfork music festival.

7/11 : cover, introductory pages + lexicon for the forthcoming A Raft Manifest.

7/5 : The Red Barn reviewed in Diagram.

5/21 : new work by Gary Lutz up on Sleepingfish.

5/17 : Interview with Nat Baldwin in Vol 1 Brooklyn on creating The Red Barn.

4/24 : Peter Markus is teaching his summer workshop June 25th—Sept 2, contact us if interested.

4/21 : Nat Baldwin's The Red Barn officially drops today. Book launch in Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery.

4/17 : 2 parallel texts by Cam Scott in Sleepingfish.

3/21 : excerpt from Chlorosis by Michael Flatt & Derrick Mund in Sleepingfish.

3/8 : excerpt from A Raft Manifest in Cosmonauts Avenue.

3/6 : excerpt from A Raft Manifest in Territory.

3/2 : The Red Barn makes SPD's top fiction bestsellers + also Vol 1 Brooklyn's book preview.

3/1 : excerpt from A Raft Manifest in Fanzine.

2/25 : 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' is available to download as a pay-what-you-want dbook.

2/16 : A Series of Disappearances by Clancy McGilligan in Sleepingfish.

2/16 : Part of the World celebrates its 10th birthday.

2/8-11: We had a table at AWP this year in DC + on 2/11 there was a reading w/ Nat Baldwin, Julie Reverb, Brandon Hobson, Robert Lopez, J'Lyn Chapman, Stanley Crawford + many others @ Rhizome.

2/6 : Both Tim Horvath and Claire Donato recommended The Red Barn as most anticipated books of 2017.

1/30 : P.S. At Least We Died Trying to Make You in the Backseat of a Taxidermist by Wendy Collin Sorin + Derek White available as free dbook.

1/6/07 :Portraits of My Family a’> Last Dinner by Annie Fan in Sleepingfish.

1/3/2017 : NO MOON now available as dbook.

12/17/2016 : Lawrence Lenhart on 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' in Essay Daily.

12/15 : excerpt from Brother Book by Allison Crowley in Sleepingfish.

12/10 : The Luminol Reels reviewed in New Delta Review.

12/2 : Beastlife reviewed in Necessary Fiction.

11/11 : (Invention) by Aaron Boothby in Sleepingfish.

11/5 : Beastlife reviewed in Tarpaulin Sky.

10/20 : an afterthought of sorts to Ark Codex appears in the Among Margins anthology.

10/11 : 2 texts by Remy Gates in Sleepingfish.

10/3 : Beastlife reviewed in Something on Paper.

9/21 : A Raft Manifest excerpt in ICHNOS.

9/14 except from A Raft Manifest in Tarpaulin Sky.

9/13 : Mirage by Toti O'Brien in Sleepingfish.

9/10 : Calamari Archive relocates to Georgetown.

9/1 : Beastlife reviewed on Rough Ghosts.

8/29 : excerpt from A Raft Manifest up on Juked.

8/29 : after a few months of roaming nomadic we're back stateside + mongering books direct .. tho we're soon shifting the archive HQ again (within the ununited nonstate (aka DC) of ∀merika) .. help lighten our load by buying omakase style.

8/12 : Beastlife reviewed in minor literature[s].

8/1 : Cheating by Kara Clark in Sleepingfish.

7/30 : No Moon reviewed in Digging through the Fat.

7/30 : Deep Ellum listed by Reader's Digest as 1 of The Best Short Books You'll Ever Read.

7/1 : Vasovagal by Gary Lutz in Sleepingfish.

6/6 : Sleepingfish 0.5 now available as free dbook.

6/5 : sample from Charøgnards by Stéphane Vanderhaeghe in Sleepingfish.

6/1 : pages from A Raft Manifest in Queen's Mob.

5/25 : pages from A Raft Manifest in minor literature[s].

5/20 : pages from A Raft Manifest in Gone Lawn + Entropy.

5/9 : Bodh[i] Circu[it]s / Alg[a]e[bra] D[ra[in] available as free dbook.

5/5 : cut-up from A Raft Manifest in VERSetype.

5/3 : Maris and the Sea by Anna Maria Johnson on Sleepingfish.

4/29 : to release her Beastlife, J'Lyn Chapman read w/ Christina Mengert @ Naropa University

4/29 : excerpts from A Raft Manifest in theEEL + Miracle Monocle.

4/15 : January by Wade Nacinovich on Sleepingfish.

4/15 : pleased to announce the release of J'Lyn Chapman's Beastlife.

4/1 : Julie Reverb's research notes for NO MOON in Necessary Fiction.

3/30 : NO MOON reviewed in decomP.

3/19 : The History of Luminous Motion on DC's blog.

3/9 : excerpt from People in General by John Colasacco in Sleepingfish.

3/8 : O, Vozque Pulp by Derek White & Carlos M. Luis available as free dbook.

2/12: section VII from OUTPLACE by Lital Khaikin in Sleepingfish.

2/8 : The Luminol Reels reviewed on the NYPL blog.

1/23/2016 : excerpt from NO MOON by Julie Reverb in Sleepingfish.