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2018–2020 ARCHIVE

12/29/2020: Sound Furies reviewed in Alt77.

12/24/20 (their 24th anniversary): Sound Furies announce the release of Herd of Birds.

12/23 : ... + the final track on Herd of Birds is "Dayzzz of Future Past". Tomorrow the album officially streets (tho u can get/stream it already on Bandcamp, SoundCloud + YouTube).

12/22 : Liner notes for "Sardines".

12/19 : 1st track on side 2: "Novus Ordo Seclorum".

12/18 : + the last track on side 1 is "Split Screen".

12/17 : "A Hued Grief".

12/16 : "Corvid Curve"

12/15 : "Aeolia".

12/14 : "Colony Cullapse," track 2 off Herd of Birds.

12/13: In anticipation of Herd of Birds being released on 12/24 we're blogging liner notes (w/ accompanying videos, lyrics, etc.) for each track daily for the next 11 days, in the order the tracks appear on the album, starting w/ "Rₒ".

12/12/2020 : 4ier X-forms is released.

12/11 : Calamari Archive doesn't just make + publish book art objects, we collect them.

12/5 : Completed 1994 in our journihilistic retroactive archiving on The Daily Noose.

11/30 : complete rewrite of chapter 3 of thriver meme.

11/24 : "Colony Cullapse"—another single from the Herd of Birds album which will be officially released next month (though we have the vinyl in house + can be included in the Surplus Select Sale).

11/22 : After a year hiatus, thriver meme is back to writing itself, here's reboots of chapter 1 + chapter 2.

11/15 : The Microcosmic DC project is complete, wherein we travelled vicariously to every state in the U.S. (via state-named streets) + country of the world (via embassies) w/o leaving D.C.

10/30 : 4ier X-forms is at the printer. The book will be available 12/12/2020, in the meantime u can view/download the dbook (PDF) version.

10/24 : Another single to wet your beak from the forthcoming Sound Furies album—Novus Ordo Seclorum.

10/22 : The 4th + final in a series of 1-of-a-kind art book objects—4!×—is viewable as dbook. A selection from all 4 of these books will be re-assembled into a published book—4ier X-forms—4thcoming from Calamari.

10/4 : finished archiving journals from 1993 on The Daily Noose.

9/24 : "Totem #9"—2nd single from the forthcoming Sound Furies album.

8/24 : We'll be releasing a single once a month until the new Sound Furies album Herd of Birds is released on 12/24/2020, hear is the 1st, "Mare."

8/21 : Finished the 1st leg of our Microcosmic DC project (walking all the state-named avenues) + are now embarking on the 2nd stage, the letter-named streets.

8/19 : y.0 by No One (the 2nd in a series of 1-of-a-kind art book objects) available as dbook.

7/24 : i.0 by No One (the 1st in a series of 1-of-a-kind book art objects) available as dbook.

7/21 : Just a reminder, all Calamari dbooks (PDFs) are now free. If you want real (paper) books, you can get them in affordable bundles or if you're in D.C. come by our little library box + get them free.

6/24 : Chapter 3 (Propagation of Earhorror in Our Babeling Dadastream) of the cerealized thriver meme posted online.

6/7 : Black books matter.

6/2 : Siege on Swann St, on the doorstep of Calamari Archive's HQ.

5/28 : 20 pieces from the Corona Casalingo series (anti-art by anon I'm us).

4/30 : Textiloma is born, happy 55th birthday K! Amazon is not stocking books cuz of COVID (deemed non-essential) but fuck them anyways, you can get Textiloma thru Small Press Distro (for $24) or directly from us (for $15).

4/22 : what COVID is doing to our stomachs + our psyches (w/ more recipes + a link to get Textiloma + support SPD) on The Daily Noose (if you're as sick of reading the news as we are).

4/21 : The 12th + final episode of Textiloma has been posted online. The actual book object will be available in a week (or get it now on SPD).

4/12 : Cooking COVID cuisine during lockdown on 5cense.

4/12 " Episode 11 (Tellus’ Broth of Her Man-OS) of Textiloma posted... only 1 more episode to go.

4/10 : The NY Times claims "Before The Onion and "The Daily Show," Not The New York Times set the standard for news parody."... well that was 1978 + David Ohle + Roger Martin started publishing The City Moon in 1973 (the archives of which are available online for your reading pleasure).

4/8 : The entire dream log (1985 – 2020) of anon I'm us has been posted online.

4/7 : We're still offering our Surplus Select Sale (get bundles of books at a discount—2 for $15, 5 for $30 or 8 for $40) which includes Textiloma (not available yet on SPD or Amazon).

4/6 : After a brief hiatus while we wrapped up Textiloma, we're back to serializing thriver meme... here's chapter 2.

4/3 : Episode 10 ("Last Throes of The White Towel") of Textiloma posted.

3/26 : For your reading pleasure during this time of self-isolation, digital versions of all titles are available as free downloads.

3/26 : episode 9 of Textiloma is posted online.

3/24 : All back issues of Sleepingfish have been posted free as PDF dbooks, as well as titles by Laura Ellen Joyce, Michael C. Boyko, Elizabeth Mikesch, Vincent Standley, Scott Bradfield, Brandon Hobson + Miranda Mellis.

3/24 : Calamari state of the archive.

3/23 : Peter Markus, Nat Baldwin, Chiara Barzini + Gary Lutz have generously agreed to have their books available free as PDF downloads + we're working to add more.

3/17 : Many of Calamari's titles are already available free as dbook (PDF) downloads, if not we will email any dbooks (or albums) free during this whole COVID thing, just tell us what titles you'd like. For those in the D.C. area, we try to keep our library box well-stocked w/ Calamari + other (real) books.

3/17 : Episode 8 ("Eagle Threads the Needle") of Textiloma posted.

3/8 : Textiloma Epi 7 ("The Horse's Mouth") posted.

2/28 : Epi 6 of Textiloma posted.

2/19 : Episode 5 ("The Postmodurn Epimetheus (pre-script)") of Textiloma posted.

2/10 : Episode 4 of Textiloma posted.

2/1 : Episode 3 of Textiloma posted.

1/23 : posted episode 2: "The Entelechy of Telemachy" of Textiloma.

1/14 : posted the 2nd installment (Epi 1: Reinhabiting Deependsea) of Textiloma.

1/5/2020 : The first serialized installment ("Oxen of the Son II") of Textiloma; or, The Postmodern Epimetheus (vol II of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY') is posted online.

1/3/2020 : Peter Markus is teaching a 50-day (page a day) online workshop, on The Poetics of Childhood. Contact us for details.

12/29 : Our "Liebury Boox" is now open to donations/exchanges w/ other small presses + little free library stewards residing outside of D.C.

12/24 : 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. officially streets, on Sound ƒuries 23rd anniversary. Get it in usual places like Amazon + iTunes or stream on Spotify, etc.

12/6 : Sound ƒuries—3.3 x 3.3 =S.S. is now available on Bandcamp, SoundCloud + youtube. Coming 12/24 to iTunes, Spotify, etc.

12/5 : video/notes of last 2 tracks from 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. Album available soon.

12/3 : video + liner notes for "3rd Rail/Atun 6.6".

11/28 : for those in D.C. we put up a free library box that we'll keep stocked w/ Calamari at 1465 Swann St (near 15th). Happy thanxgiving!

11/26 : technical notes on mastering 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. w/ Ménière's + auditory hallucinations during current loudness wars.

11/24 : vid + liner notes for "DK-K-OS," 4th track on the forthcoming 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.

11/22 : anon I'm us embarked on a new project— thriver meme—which we'll serialize live as they write her, here's Ch 1: Waking in the River Bed.

11/19 : Sneak peak + liner notes for "C:/C-Change/6-yr snow," the 3rd track on the forthcoming 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. by Sound Furies (w/ a mixtape of kindred spirits).

11/10 : In the continued serialization of Sound Furies forthcoming album, here's track #2 of 8, "LL" (w/ liner notes).

10/24 : Sound Furies talk about Clanging disorder + Ménière's disease + reveal another track from their forthcoming album.

10/4 : Cover + teaser track from Sound Furies forthcoming (12/24) album, 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.

9/18 : Scrapbook of Chaulky White's art posted online.

9/7 : Original photo album of the odyssey that inspired 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' found + posted on The Daily Noose.

9/5 : Sorry, forgot to update our BandCamp location info back to the US until now... for those interested in cassette versions of the unheard tapes or the Sleepingƒish XIV mixtape, they're available now in USD w/ reasonable (domestic) shipping. These cassettes are also available in our surplus select sale.

7/11 : In the name of art + bajo el nombre de anon I'm us, a.I. continues archiving their lives online w/ this pivotal chapter observing the solar eclipse in Mexico, July '91, representing the end of Telemachus's odyssey, in researching the forthcoming "SSEY' vol II.

6/14 : A bit belated, but Blake Butler's 1st book Ever turned a decade old earlier this year.

6/11 : To accomodate our smaller archival home we're having a surplus select sale—get bundles of books at a discount—2 for $15, 5 for $30 or 8 for $40.

5/26 : we had a moving IN sale at our new Calamari HQ in DC, purging excess possessions + selling some overstocked Calamari titles for cheap... yes, that means we've officially relocated back.

4/13 : In addition to retroactively archiving all their journals on The Daily Noose, anon I'm us is also posting their dream logs, that seeded Poste Restante + other of their works.

2/28 : review of Ark Codex ± 0 that we didn't know about until now in Her Royal Majesty.

2/27 : Calamari Archive's Info architeXture + d-Zine studIO is now open for bizness.

2/16 : Sound Furies video for SpqR + The Daily Noose.

2/8 : The Unheard Tapes is now on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

1/24 : Daily Noose #619: On failure, failing better, Faust, freedom + the currency to be uncool (w/ free DLs for Sound Furies un).

1/22 : Sound Furies video for "no parole".

1/11 : Sound Furies un is on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

1/11 Sound Furies reviews in Grotesqualizer + Left Bank Magazine.

1/7 : rewinding the Sleepingfish XIV mixtape on The Daily Noose.

1/5/2019 : 5¢ense is rebooted as The Daily Noose, w/ more of a music journihilism bend.

12/24/2018 : release the hounds—the album un by Sound ƒuries is here.

11/2 : Feliz dia de los muertos, here's a dbook of ma(i)ze Tassel Retrazos (2005).

9/20 : Sleepingƒish XIV mixtape is now available. For folks in the U.S. wanting the cassette, order before Oct 12 + pay only domestic postage (after that it will be international rate).

8/31 : sneak peek at 2 songs from forthcoming Sound ƒuries project (end of post).

6/26 : The dbook (PDF) of Sleepingfish 0.75 is now online. Enjoy.

5/16 : Peter Markus is doing his online workshop again this summer, in "3-day blows" between June 24 + Aug 22. Contact us for more info.

4/15 : economy of words 2017.

4/5 : A Raft Manifest reviewed in decomP.

4/3 : the 7th + final unit (A Miscellany of Malpractice) of The Gotham Grammarian has been posted. The complete unabridged version is now online.

3/9 : "Confessions of a Cassette Head: Redubbing The Unheard Tapes" in Quarterly West.

3/9 : Unit 6 (Punctuational Punctilio) of The Gotham Grammarian is now online, apologies for the delay.

2/29 : the unheard tapes on Sleepingfish, final post of the current online series. Now considering submissions for Sleepingfish XIV: a mixtape of music to be issued on cassette.

2/20 : In the spirit of the Maphattan Project, Cal A. Mari + his bedder-½ embark on RomeRioni, wherein they roam each rione of Rome, street by street.

2/8 : Flown & Canoodling by Maxwell Isaac Starr Oginz on Sleepingfish.

2/2 : The Unheard Tapes reviewed in Divide and Conquer.

1/22 : The Unheard Tapes reviewed by Beach Sloth.

1/15 : Calamari inventory is being shipped across the pond, so we will not be fulfilling direct orders for the next 6 weeks. When the books resurface we will fulfill orders from Rome (so postage will be cheaper for Europeans + more expensive for Americans). As always, books are available thru Amazon, SPD, etc.

1/10 : The Revisionist reviewed (in Italian) in Altri Animali.

1/8 : Unit 5 (The Comma-ist Manifesto) of The Gotham Grammarian is now online.

1/2 : Call for audio submissions: issue #14 of Sleepingfish will be a mixtape.

1/1/18: Eggs from Lord of Chaos by Drest the Elder up on Sleepingfish.